5 Reasons Runners Should Do Yoga


Runners are often considered synonymous with fitness. However, even runners face physical and mental issues which they need to combat in order to deliver the best performance on the track. The impact and the repetition with which a runner’s feet hit the ground while running can cause strength, flexibility, and joint deterioration issues in the runners. To combat this and to gain further productive and reformative benefits, the science of Yoga arrives as the perfect solution. Here are the five core reasons that express why runners should do Yoga:  

For Enhancing the Flexibility and Strength

Issues of a stiff back or an inflexible hip are common for runners. This happens due to inflexibility in a body. Hence, it is essential to simultaneously work on opening the joints, tendons, and tissues for increasing both flexibility and strength. Yoga is a boon for enhancing the flexibility of the body and its joints while it also strengthens the ligaments and the tendons associated. Conditions like Muscle Pull, Achilles tendinitis, Runner’s Knee, etc., that may develop due to running can be sufficiently and safely managed through a regular practice of Yoga. Additionally, Yoga works towards core strengthening which promotes strength in the upper body leading to a better sustainability and tolerance. 

For Promoting Mindful Breathing Habit

Feeling a shortness of breath while on the run is a common issue faced by runners which often results in sharp pangs in the rib-cage restraining the flow of the run. The primary reason behind this is not paying complete attention to the breath and using it as a tool to survive in the short run (literally!). While taking shorter breaths can pay off in a shorter distance, this has adverse effects when running longer distances. Utilizing the lungs to their complete potential is the ideal solution to this issue and Pranayama Yoga helps reach that level of breathing wherein the breath is inhaled and exhaled mindfully while making the use of the complete capacity of the lungs. As the runner develops self-awareness with a regular yoga practice, they are able to implement Mindful Breathing techniques intermittently for enhanced performances when running longer distances.  

For Perfecting Balance and Posture 

Certain runners rely heavily on particular muscle groups which lead to an overcompensation of those while the other muscle groups remain underutilized. This difference leads to an imbalance in the body of the runner and can cause major injuries. Yoga helps the athletes address these concerns by applying kinesthetic awareness. Additionally, Yoga is a science of balance and alignment. It teaches how to perfect a posture so that all the muscles involved can be utilized equally. This not only leads to a perfect balance and an ideal posture but also trains the athletes to recognize these issues in prior.  
For Strengthening the Mind

With a regular yoga practice, mental clarity and the ability to focus are heightened. It is highly imperative for the runners to track their mind on the track just as much they train their bodies for the purpose. Setting a goal and designating the path to reach that goal is all about giving the best performance. The efforts need to be well-grounded and complete with no attached back-logs or apprehension. Hence, mental strengthening is highly essential for the runners to set an effective goal and work towards it with strength, dedication, and mindfulness. Yoga leads them to it.

For Promoting Faster Muscle Recovery

Muscle or joint soreness is a common issue faced by runners, especially after a long run. The body needs a faster recovery mechanism to prepare itself for the next day. The restorative yoga postures aid in speeding up the muscle recovery process and promote complete revival.  

Include a mere 10-Minute of Yoga to your daily running practice and witness the transformations happening in real. 

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