5 Best Instant Messaging Apps in 2022 for Better Connectivity

instant messaging apps 2022

With no offense intended, if you're just looking for an instant messaging app, any social chat app will suffice, as it can also be used to create groups, send messages, share files, and so on. However, if you're looking for an app that can send messages instantly while also reducing communication complications and increasing team productivity, you should check out the list below.

Troop Messenger

As said in the introduction, Troop Messenger will be the answer to your seek. This team collaboration tool is more than an instant messaging app, which has a dedicated research and development team that works tirelessly to improve team communication. This team contributed some new features in the app such as Quick Response Panel, Advanced Search Filters, Fork Out - which allows you to send a message to multiple team members or groups at once, Respond Later, Unread Messages, and so on, which you will find hard in other apps.

Troop Messenger follows a policy of providing a secure and stable platform to its users, which is why it strongly recommends on-premise deployment although it can be delivered via different delivery models such as SaaS, Chat APIs & SDKs, and On-Premise.

This budget-friendly app helped numerous businesses effectively overcome the consequences of unprecedented remote work conditions and streamline workflow. When some popular apps couldn't provide some required features like video conferencing, remote access, and so on, a few companies abandoned their existing instant messaging apps and switched to Troop Messenger, which had all the features that didn't allow users to get diverted with other multiple tools' UI.


  • Integrated with Zapier
  • Proactive features
  • Safe & reliable platform
  • Burn Out (a window that allows two users to communicate secretly, and later it self destructs all the data exchanged, as per your prescribed time)
  • Eases the remote work conditions

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams aims to ride the remote work culture and dominate the video conferencing and collaboration business. Users may seamlessly transition between messaging, video conferencing, and calling on the platform while also taking advantage of the Microsoft 365 suite's powerful native integration.

Since the Microsoft team's free version is embedded with group meeting functionality with 60 minutes duration allowing up to 100 participants, many Zoom free version's users turned to this tool in the pandemic period. Hence, this giant developed tool also joined the list alongside Troop Messenger in helping the remote employees.


  • Team meetings recordings with transcripts
  • Cloud storage
  • Webinar hosting
  • Noise cancellation
  • Break out rooms

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS


Many users are not aware of the fact that Slack was introduced as an internal communication tool in a gaming company, later when it did get released to the public within a short time it gained worldwide users.

It has all of the required instant messaging (IM) functions, along with file sharing, searchable message history, conversation threads, and automated syncing across many devices, which your hybrid or remote workforce would appreciate. It stays within the realm of team chat, resulting in a straightforward and user-friendly design.


  • Large Scale Collaboration
  • Data Encryption
  • Customer Retention Policies

But Slack free version may not be as appealing as other tools are, as the free plan allows 1:1 video call, unlike the group call option in other tools, and as a matter of fact, its other premium plans allow up to 15 members in a group call. Slack should seriously think about the upgrades, and more features to match the office requirements that arise in 2022.

Supported Platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS


Ryver is a team collaboration tool that makes managing your team simple and hassle-free. Its proprietary Active Response Technology eliminates error-prone, slow human response time and replaces it with a powerful, automated event response collaboration system.

It combines team communication with task management. Communication happens in three places: Teams, Forums, People within these spaces, the conversation is further broken down into chat, topics, and tasks.


  • Task Management
  • Testing Sandbox
  • Custom Invite Links

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS


Flock is one of the best instant messaging apps and online collaboration platforms that combines team chat, project management, and other useful functions into a single application such as One-on-one/ group chat, video calls with a screen sharing option, channels, and search. It's an ideal app if you are looking for a messaging app embedded with some project management functionalities.


  • Unlimited Private & Public Channels
  • Screen Sharing
  • Active Directory Sync

Supported Platforms: macOS, iOS, Android, Windows

I hope the above list helps you select the finest instant chatting program. We had an unusual pandemic that caused people to work from remote locations rather than under the same roof. Because the pandemic is still ongoing and we may face more such situations in the future, it is advisable to choose an instant messaging app carefully, which will serve you and your team as a complete team collaboration tool, adhering to all the office requirements.

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