3 Things to Ask Before Hiring Content Writing Services

A question frequently asked by clients is why will they need good content for their site? Think of a situation. You have site with a perfect layout, but it will remain a faceless identity without words. It is the words which will convey a message to your audience, telling them about the service or product you are offering. You have a story to tell, and your audience is interested in the story; it is natural human tendency to feel connected with words. So, you might have a suave layout and brilliant graphics for your site, but without the content it will be quite meaningless. Hence, more and more people understand the need of hiring content writing services. But what are the three questions that you should ask before hiring them?

Writing style and experience

Good writers are like old wine, the older they get the better they are. Also, it is easier for experienced writers to adapt to different styles. If you want blog posts on a particular product that caters to finance industry, it is much easier for experienced writers to match the style and tone that is specific for that industry. When you hire content writing services, you should always ask about the kind of experience the writers have. Seasoned writers, who have been writing for different sites, generally have the habit of doing extensive research on any topic. You can always ask questions about whether they are adept in handling diverse topics and how they propose to handle them. The answers will help you to decide whether you should hire them or not.

Editing style: the process of proofreading

Can you call a piece of content good if they are full of spelling and grammatical mistakes? Reading your content several times does not mean that you are actually proof-reading them. Editing is as important as content creation. A good content writing agency will have one or several proof-reading processes which allow the writers to have an error-free piece. Always remember that search engine algorithms search for error-free quality content and you cannot afford to compromise on certain qualities like the title, grammar and spellings. Many writers have pointed out that a great way to proofread your piece is by asking some relevant questions like if you can take out any unnecessary words, or if your organization of thoughts is well-reflected in your piece or whether the piece looks complete in every sense of the term. You can ask these questions too to know whether the writers are thinking in this way.

Asking for a test piece

As a potential client, you can always ask for a sample write-up. You can always apply a screening procedure by asking for a test piece. Even a fine writer can have problems in understanding your requirements. If the agency is unable to understand the requirements of your industry or product, you should be upfront about your needs. The best way to judge content is by finding out whether it is to-the-point. A good write-up will eliminate fluff and will be filled with relevant information. Word count is not important. Often a short piece can convey more and can be quite engaging. Think from the perspective of a reader. What kind of information do the readers hope to get from the write-up? Is there a story behind the words? Most readers love the concept of storytelling, because they elaborate a point in a different manner. Think about the test piece and try to find out whether it caters to all these points.

Asking some relevant questions about content creation can often save you enough trouble; it also helps you to distinguish between a good and not-so-good content writing agency. But before you ask the questions, you should prioritize your requirements and needs, so that it is easier to convey them.

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