Publishing Pillars Worth Book Writer's Attention

May the Publishing Cause You the Least Pain

No Speculation About the Need For Little Research

Maybe you just made your last full stop to your writing piece that is worth publishing. In that case, sending the book manuscript to publishers of related genres shall win your next interest. The goal is perfect; only give priority to learning the maximum about the publishing procedure. The reason is simple; you hardly wish to see the entire creating struggle come in undervalued because you fell into the trap of calculating publishers due to your indolence to undertake the research first.

What Does the Publisher Want?

One particular essence worth your attention is to recognize individual publishers’ requirements and needs. For instance, an issuing company for children’s audience A prefers science-fiction, whereas a children’s book publisher B focuses on nature-motivated picture books. Such variability, even within a single genre like writing for children, suggests that we shall become familiar with the publisher's needs well beforehand. Twice that much thought is worthwhile should your piece not answer today’s demand. With this awareness, your input will not be wasted.

Image Source: Berrett-Koehler Publishers; publishers' proposal guidelines also help you to determine the position of your book in the market!

Written Restrictions For You As a Writer

In line with the publishing house’s preferences, try to get a profound knowledge of both the company and its specific guidelines for writers. You may be writing a book for adults; hence, you will need to check whether complete manuscripts are admitted since only sample chapters or inquiry letters may be requested. By nature, you wish to meet the instructions of the addressed publisher; otherwise, your book is likely to face the closed door to the public. You have several options to learn the expectations from you as an author: the Writer’s Market literature, other manuals alike, and publishers’ websites.

Be Careful Not To Underestimate the Payment Offer

No less important “investigation” ahead of agreeing with the publisher is that of publishing-related payments since all the publishing houses do not pay their writers equally. After all, your aim is not to make the least money possible. Publishers can smell the excitement of first-time book producers and so they count on their acceptance of nearly “any” offer, even one that is undervalued. Among publishers, the most common payment strategies are flat rate payments, advance payments, and royalty payments.

Image Source: AEL Data; by knowing your share you may reconsider the costs, and arrangements and pay more attention to the marketability.

The Tactics Behind Payment Strategies

Referring to these payment methods, the “advance” conveys an acceptable type although a closer examination, mainly of long-term deals, is highly recommended since some publishers promote them as more profitable than they are, and inexperienced writers will find them desirable. Regarding the royalty payments, you should request that all conditions are covered in writing and see to it that you define a binding schedule. What percentage of the profit are you entitled to? In what circumstances are your royalties counted; quarterly or annually? When does the payment take action after each schedule is at its end? For your own good, make sure that you get these queries solved before you sign the contract.

Besides, ahead of addressing any publisher, you may wish to reflect upon preferred format and accessibility of your book, such as an electric version, which to a substantial measure reduces the inherent costs.

There Is More For You to Know

The above listed is merely a narrow outline of features worth your consideration ahead of accepting the publisher’s conditions. The core message is to save you from common mistakes that you may later regret.

Even if you decide not to study further resources and latest demands on authors, make sure to get an overview of the publisher's orientation and instructions.

Image Source: Writer's Relief: "(...) be sure that it meets the basic criteria of book publishers and literary agents."

Do not do any additional work that will not be worth the consumed energy. Getting your book published is largely satisfactory in the sense that your idea is comprehended and approved while the profit depicts an added value and a deserved income too.

In this aspect, do not allow others to "skim off the cream".

Always read and study the contract before “sealing” it with your signature, no matter which genre your book falls in or what publisher offers you the service.

Likewise, ask anything that bothers your mind. A reputable publisher will be delighted to answer your questions.

Eventually, should any frustration from contacting book publishers overwhelm you, there is nothing hopeless about your position either - make the step to the public by "taking over the reins" yourself:

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