Go Write Your Autobiography


Writing an autobiography is no longer for distinguished people at the later part of their lives. With the current popularity and ease of self-publishing, the man in the street can publish an autobiography and reach out to a large audience.

This article is mainly targeted towards writing different formats of your autobiography.


Before you write the book, you must be sure about your purpose. For example, are you writing this book as a voice for your future descendants or the company’s employees? Perhaps you have been keeping a secret and have waited till now to get it off your chest and to get the record straight.


The next step and write down all the main characters of your autobiography and to ensure that they are going to be publicly revealed in your book. It is a good practice to at least send them an email and give them a fair warning. Alternatively, you can alter their names so that their identity is kept private.


You must be thorough in ensuring that you have gotten your facts as accurate as possible so that there will not be any legal problems after your book has been published. This is especially important if your recollection of a sensitive past event may publicly embarrass your inner circle.

Permission to use images

Many autobiographies include a big set of photos for the reader to get more immersed with your past and to help for a better connection between writer and reader. Besides seeking permission for usage, you must ensure that there is a visual smooth progressive order of your photos and that they are a strong form of distraction and confusion to your narrative.


If you are a business leader, you must ensure that your autobiography does not give your business competitors too many details of your trade secrets or hidden corporate agenda. You must balance the desire to share and not compromising your company.


Most autobiographies are written in a casual tone like a quiet narrative of reflections. However, there are some business leaders who want to cement the corporate culture and hope that their writing is a source of guidance and motivation for employees. Thus, before you decide on the tone of your book, do have a detailed consultation with your inner circle. Ultimate, you have the final say in your autobiography.

Audio Book

You can decide to have an audiobook version of your autobiography so that you can have a bigger reach. However, if you are too strapped for time, you can source out for a professional speaker who will be the voice of your book. However, my recommendation is that you should read it as it will be creating more authenticity and genuineness. Please note that you can read an abridged version of your printed book so that the audio version will not be too long.

Graphic Version

It is now very common to have a graphic version of your book to reach out to a more diverse readership. There may be certain episodes within your story that only a graphic representation can capture the full aspect. However, you must do your maths and calculate the extra financial outlay of getting an illustrator and added printing costs for your graphic book.


In order to control printing costs of both the print and graphic versions of your autobiography, you may selectively include advertisements at the back of your books. Alternatively, you can create a bookmark for your advertisers and each of them will be included in every book. These advertisements have a further impact on showing your business networks and further strengthening your personal brand.

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