4 Genius Ways to Write Exclusive Content for Websites!

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Website content writing is the premium choice for most online businesses to reach their target audience. However, while formulating content for a website, often writers are subjected to a horde of information.

Thus, at times content writers either end up stuffing too much information or writing irrelevant fillers. This makes their website content weak. Henceforth, to avoid complications such as these, let’s discuss what writers from reputed content writing companies had to say on tackling the issue at hand.

Firstly, let’s start by discussing the things to write and avoid in order framing high-quality content for business websites.

Do's and Don’ts for writing website content!

Dos and Don’ts for writing website content


  1. Whether an article or blog, make sure if you’re writing something, you justify your points while framing your contents.
  2. Write on themes that are interrelated and in sync with your topic given for any website content writing.
  3. Do a thorough research of the company you’re writing for, to avoid any unnecessary points. Write only facts and points which will benefit your client’s website.


  1. Don’t simply take the information for your client’s page and jam it in your contents. Make use of your unique tone and ease in the info. Professional content writers all use their distinctive pattern of writing.
  2. Don’t try to write too much information. Moreover, avoid being overly verbose. You need to realize who your target audience is and write in tones and patterns easily understood by them.
  3. Website content writing requires writers to promote the client’s business. Keep in mind not to sound too boastful. Instead, talk about how the client started his business or how can availing the client’s business benefit his patrons.

Moving forward, now here are the 4 guidelines for writing error-free contents for websites.

4 Genius Guidelines for Writing Error-Free Content!

1. Write relevant and useful contents!

Let’s assume you’re working for a company that offers technical writing services. Now, if you’re asked to frame a ‘Home’ page for aeronautic business, you don’t want to write fillers. You must write to the point, explaining why choosing the company would be a boon for its patrons.

Moreover, in such cases, writers must maintain a formal tone and mention USP’s and distinctive features of the company.

2. Use the inverted Pyramid method!

Whether framing a service page content or homepage, it’s best to follow the inverted pyramid method. Used by experienced content writers, this process starts with the conclusion and then works backward.

Hence, you’re putting the premium information first and then easing into the content. Thus, your audience has no chance of missing out the focal point.

3. Web-based formatting is inevitable.

Website content needs specific formatting. The things to consider are:

  • Write short, crisp passages and input gapping
  • Target one theme per section
  • ‘Use you for associating with readers
  • Use inward subheadings to make filtering simpler.
  • Apply attractive catchphrase to your content.

4. Passive voice is a strict no:

Certain articles or blogs may forgive an occasional passive voice. Websites require active voice. A web page must look like you’re asking the patrons to take action.

For example - Say you’re writing a webpage for a reputed content writing agency. You must frame your write-up in such a way, that potential clients on reading your write-up will be compelled to contact the agency for availing their content writing services.

Now, finally before wrapping up keep in mind to proofread the content and get it check for plagiarism. Henceforth, following, the above-mentioned guidelines it shouldn’t be difficult for you to frame high-quality contents.

Now, write exclusive contents so smooth to read, that your client keeps coming back to your company for availing unique content writing services.

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