10 Tips to Spend More Time with Your Family

Family Time

The family delivers values, beliefs and a sense of belonging and identity, and in it, children learn to socialize and explore their emotional world. The time we spend with our family helps us to know our children, that they know us and make effective family communication possible. A united family that makes spending family time a priority is happy.

Do you have a little time?

Between work and household chores, sometimes it seems that there is not much free time left and our family time is diminished or seems not to exist. Here are 10 tips to make family time a reality. I assure you it is an effort that will be worth it.

Schedule your time: Spending quality family time should be a priority and as such you should include it in your calendar as you include a doctor's appointment, your parents' birthday and important meetings. The truth is that nobody has much "free time", and if we hope to have the empty agenda to spend time with family, then this moment will never come. There are always clothes to wash! Remember to take this time as something important and do not change your "family date" unless it is an emergency.

Take advantage of every moment: You don't need a full day or afternoon to enjoy your family. Take advantage of small moments like car trips, when you cook (they can cook together), the elevator climbs of a building and when you're waiting for the doctor's appointment. These little "lost" moments can be the beginning of a great conversation.

Find excuses: In the year there are important celebrations such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; but there are also small celebrations like the national bird day in January, the day of honesty in April, etc. Check our calendar of celebrations each month to find large and small celebrations with ideas on how to celebrate them as a family.

Family dinner: The American Academy of Pediatrics published an investigation that reveals that children of families who share three or more meals per week have a healthier diet than others. Besides, an investigation by the National Center for Substance Abuse and Addiction (CASA) at Columbia University revealed that young people who eat dinner with their families five or more times a week are less likely to use tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. Share the food and take the opportunity to talk with your children about their days, challenges, and aspirations. If you do not share your meals with them today, part gradually and gradually increases the family meal nights.

Focus on them: When you are with your children, whether at home, watching a movie, or in the park, focus your attention on them. Leave the cell phone aside and focus on what they are doing: look at their faces in amazement when they discover something, run with them in the park and become part of their games. Do not make the mistake of being next to your children, but not really with them.

Establish family traditions: Make the Christmas tree together, have a picnic on the first day of spring, or enjoy hugs in bed on Saturday mornings, are some family traditions that children will love. Whether small or large activities, family traditions are always meaningful, unite their members and create memories that will be much appreciated in the future.

Find family hobbies: Find a hobby in which the whole family can participate, such as watching baseball games of your city's team, learning a sport, going to the climbing wall or making giant puzzles. Think of some activity that everyone can enjoy and try it with your children. This will save you time in planning activities and if you already know that everyone is entertained with it, success is assured.

Take your vacation: This may sound weird to some people but the truth is that there are families who don't even share vacations because parents simply never stop working. Holidays are not necessarily two weeks in the summer: you can also take small trips to the beach, the countryside or national parks that are close to your home and visit them for the weekend. You will see how getting away from home gives a feeling of relaxation and a simple weekend can become a family mini-vacation.

Organize family nights: Your home can be the center of entertainment and there are many things you can do at home with your family. Activities can be simple like watching a movie or old recordings; artistic how to make a craft, take pictures or record a video; or traditional like playing board games.

Learn and be interested in the things that interest your children: You will have heard the saying "if you can't against them, join them". Find out what interests your children and familiarize yourself, even if it means reading Harry Potter, watching the Lord of the Rings, learning about video games or reading Teen magazine. This will help you get to know them and create opportunities for dialogue, especially with teenagers.

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