Your Ultimate Guide to Anime Figures Collection

Your Ultimate Guide to Anime Figures Collection
Image by Kira Hoffmann from Pixabay

Do you love watching anime series and movies? Then you must probably be looking forward to collecting Anime Figures and merch.

What is Anime Figures?

For Otakus, you cannot just use the word "figure" to describe the anime-related character models. But instead, you need to refer to it as "Anime Figures" because the way of saying "figure" is related to character models of anime, manga, or video game and it can have a different meaning someplace.

Anime Figures are any 3D representation of a person or thing. And each figure forms their unique category of merchandise and comes in a wide variety of styles depending on the materials used and the artistic style. Ancient Anime Figures are made with clay, bone, or wood. Also, modern figures are usually made of plastic or resin.

Major Material Types of Anime Figures

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Today, 90% of modern Anime Figures are usually made of PVC. This is because PVC is more cost-effective than the other type of materials. The PVC is like rubber in nature and those not easily tore off or broken. Also, mold for PVC is easier to reuse. Aside from that, you can easily paint the Anime Figures without needing a primer. It is also more suitable for sculpting detailed parts of the Anime Figures.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

This material is one of the major synthetic resins in the world. ABS is very tough and rigid making it the strongest plastic to use for making Anime Figurines. And it is usually used for the base, legs, or main body while the PVC is used for more complex details and shapes of the action figures.


Funko Pop and Marvel's Deadpool and My Hero Academia are the most popular Vinyl figure. The material is inexpensive and has similarities with the most common plastics. It can be soft, malleable, tough, rigid, and low heat resistance.


Synthetic resin has a distinct character but carries some similar properties to ABS and PVC. If you are looking for a more realistic anime figure, you can look for the one made with resin. It is also more durable because it has a high resistance to humidity and temperatures.


This material is a combination of resin and powdered stone additives that helps give out a porcelain texture. Anime Figurines that are made out of Polystone are much heavier and sturdier. It is suitable to use for the type of Anime Figures like garage kits and scale figures. And because of its high-quality materials, Anime Figures made with Polystone are much more expensive than the other.

Cold Cast

This material is a combination of resin and metal powder and has the same properties as Polystone. The only difference is that cold cast gives out a metallic-like surface.

Types of Anime Figures

Acrylic Stand Figures

If you are a beginner and don't have a big budget. You can start collecting Acrylic Stand Figures. These Anime Figures usually cost less than the other types and the artwork is pretty nice and quite small.

Funko Figures

Funko Pops is one of the most popular brands in most comic shops and pop culture merchandise store. It comes with a wide range of blind-bag action figures, mini-figures, and other varieties of vinyl type anime models.

Nendoroid/Chibi Figures

Chibi figures are one of the most popular collections for anime collectors. It is a small figure simply depicting anime characters. It often comes with replaceable parts and poseable joints, so it will be so fun collecting and playing with these cute figures.

Action Figures

Action figures are fully detailed, poseable, and articulated models with a big range in quality and price. And because of its poseable quality, it is easy to make fun displays with this type.

Prize Figures

This type is made-out of less-breakable materials and often cheaper than the scale figures. As the name itself, these figures are made to be prizes in Japanese arcades like the claw-grab games.

Scale Figures

Scale Figures is the most iconic feature of the Anime Figurine collection. They are perfectly scaled and beautifully detailed that is why it is also the most expensive option for most collectors.

Where to buy Anime Figures?

You can order Anime Figures online or visit local anime merchandise. All you have to do is find a style that you would like to collect, work on your budget, and make sure that you have enough space to display your collections.

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