7 Awesome Ways to Recycle Glass Bottles

7 Awesome Ways to Recycle Glass Bottles

One of the most common leftover materials in households is the good old glass bottle. Whether you are a fan of wine or whether you prefer beer, you will be left with a number of glass bottles. These would be something which normally ends as part of your junk collection rather than anything useful in the long run. Thankfully you can do a fair bit more by finding creative and not so creative ways you can recycle your glass bottles, giving them a new life and purpose instead of letting them lie broken in the nearest tip.

One of the best things you can do with glass bottles is to utilise them in waste recycling. This is a green practice, which is certainly a worthy cause that you should follow whenever possible. After all, instead of bothering with the house clearance process, you can use the bottles for something better, such as recycling them into a new shape and purpose.

However, there are other alternatives than separating them and letting the recycling begin. Are you looking for neat ways to reuse your old glass bottles? It takes a little creativity and skills to turn bottles into something beautiful. Instead of tossing them on the rubbish removal pile, you can try making these seven unique crafts instead:

1. Take old glass bottles and paint them to create vases for your flowers. You can paint on the inside or the outside as well as add glitter or frosted designs. These also make great gifts and the colour schemes are endless, assuming you are ready to do a bit of paintwork and to get creative instead of tossing the bottles away. You will have plenty of materials, the older they are the better your vases will look at the end of the day.

2. Use smaller bottles as tea light candle holders by putting lace around them and dropping a tea light candle in them. You can also paint them or frost the jars much like the previous example for added effect. This will give you more of a chance to make them fun to behold.


3. Add soil and an herb transplant into an old bottle or jar to create an indoor herb planter. Place on your windowsill for the perfect kitchen decor while planting your own herbs. It will not take much to make it work, but you may have to work on drainage if your herbs are not doing too great in soggy soil.

4. Take a larger bottle and create a lamp. Use the base jar as the base of the lamp and add on one main bulb or even use string lights for a neat addition to your bedroom. This will create a great atmosphere and a comfy look you can rely upon to really change things around with a minimal amount of work. It is as simple as that and you won’t have to buy anything expensive to pull it off.


5. If you need containers for your home office or studio why not use old jars to store pencils, pens, paintbrushes, and crayons. Just add some cute paint or a chalkboard label. You can also use these in the bathroom for q-tips, cotton balls, band-aids, or toothbrushes. Don’t forget all of your sewing needs like buttons, thread, needles, and ribbon. All of those can be kept under control with this simple solution, all without you ever having to buy holders at all.

6. Make an organized spice rack by using old jars with lids. This helps the environment while giving your kitchen a homemade spice rack. Print your own labels and just refill when you are out. With this simple move you can make a big difference in your cooking efforts, letting yourself relax and have all the spices you need on hand and nearby when the big day arrives.

7. Create your own oil-based lantern by using an old jar, wick, and lamp oil. This is great lighting for your backdoor barbecues or late nights under the stars. Sure it will take some work and crafting, but in the end the results will be something to behold, both rustic and shabby chic and charming as well. Make it work and you can breathe new life into your old glass bottles.

Glass bottles make such amazing decor and the possibilities are endless. It takes a little creative thought and some consideration that waste recycling is not the only alternative that you can resort to. Next thing you know, you will have a beautiful feature in your home, which makes you smile every time you look at it.

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