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Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande


For many centuries, the universe has always been a topic of discussion because of people’s curiosity, fascination, and scary in the universe's enormousness. Modern Astrophysicists had revealed the correlation between the Universe and the human body. According to studies, a similar composition is found in the human body and the universe. At fundamental levels, the human body is made up of atomic nuclei and electrons. Over 90 elements are present in the body, originated from the places even prior to arriving on the earth.

The Universe

A long time ago, the big bang generated matter and antimatter, so space with slightly more matter leads to the formation of the universe today. In the beginning, when the stars don’t form, only hydrogen, helium and some trace amounts of lithium are generated. The Big Bang is the primary source of the lightest elements such as hydrogen and helium which are about 98% portion of today’s universe. Small stars are continuously converting the light elements into heavier one by the process of fusion or by adding one neutron at a time. Whereas the large stars complete up their cycle by fusing in supernovae (a large explosion happening at the end up of one cycle of the star). When supernovae occur, a large amount of energy in the form of burned fuel gets back into the universe.

The Human Being

When it’s the discussion about the human beings or human bodies, it is surprising to know that the large portion of the entities making up the humans comes from the supernovae. Almost each element which is necessary for the formation of the DNA can be found in the aftermath of exploding stars. The supernova remnant includes every element of the periodic table and the substances mandatory for DNA formation. Basically DNA is a long complex molecule and when seen under a microscope, it looks like DNA is made up of the atoms as everything in the universe is built. If we talk according to the mass, the human body is mostly nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen.

What Is Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande?

"Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande" is an ancient shloka found in the Puranas, an ancient philosophical and yogic text. This shloka is believed to be at least 8000 years old.

The shoka “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande” states “All that is outside you is within you’ or “Your body is a miniature universe”.


There are five basic humors composing the whole universe, these five humors make up all the living and non-living entities, all the elements, etc. These five elements in ayurveda include “prithvi”- the land or the earth, “jal”- water, “agni”- the fire, “vaayu”-the air, “akash”-sky and vast space. When all these five elements combine and meet with “Avyakt brahma”- inner consciousness, then the entity becomes alive.

Correlation of The Six Elements In The Body

Ancient texts show the correlation of the following six fundamental elements of the body as

  1. The “Prithvi” element of the body resembles the solid structures in the body, building the “murti”, a basic framework of the body including cartilages, muscles, bones, etc.
  2. “Jal” resembles all the fluid in the body involving the blood, lymph, synovial fluid, vitreous humor, aqueous humor, CSF, intracellular fluids, extracellular fluids, etc.
  3. “Agni” constitutes the abhisantaap which are the humors that help in monitoring the normal temperature of the body needed for survival and proper functioning of the body cells, tissues, organs or we can say overall body. Hcl in the stomach, hormones, digestive enzymes, etc are some examples of these humors.
  4. “Vaayu” is the primary need to survive and it is termed as “praan” by the Acharyas. Along with the function of breathing, the air is mandatory for the body to make the movement of the blood and various other fluids present inside the body. 
  5. “Akash” proclaims the “shusher” which constitutes an empty space within the body. For example, the sphincters help in opening to an organ or the space inside the gas vacuole. As per Ayurveda, these empty spaces are very important as it prevents the travelling of vitiated doshas in the whole body.
  6. “Avyakt brahma” constitutes the “antaratma” which states the inner consciousness, the power or the energy regulating the body metabolism and monitoring the vital functions, thermoregulation, and various other important functions in the body. 


After understanding the correlation between the human body and the universe, we can understand that whatever we see outside is similar inside us. Above mentioned six humors are responsible for making both life and the universe. Thus, it is necessary to maintain the equilibrium between these six humors to maintain the harmony of the outer universe and life. Our sadness, illness, happiness, etc are the results of our actions (karmas) which we do such as creating pollution in the environment. So, it is advised to do good work for the favor of whole living beings and our society.

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