Health Is Never Directly Proportional To Money

Health Is Never Directly Proportional To Money

Due to rapid growth of competition in the market where people are finding it hard to keep their jobs and solve their bread and butter issues, making us forget about how important their health is, in this stressful environment.  Money can indeed buy almost all the things but not health. We have seen so many examples in our daily lives where people are working their whole life earning money and then spend their hard-earned money on treating various medical health problems. Excessive workload, working overtime, job insecurity, poor financial planning, workplace stress, and poor eating and drinking habits can lead to various physical and mental health problems like heart problems, liver dysfunctioning, and neurological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and hypertension.  Difficulties in concentration, sleep disorders, fatigue, obesity, and lack of pleasure in the activities you usually enjoy are the common problems that people face when they suffer from poor health.

Health is Never Directly Proportional to Money

People complain of having no time to keep themselves healthy i.e. not doing regular exercise or eat healthy because of their busy schedules. Most of us are so busy making money, building empires that we forget that the most valuable resource that we possess is our health. What is the benefit of being rich or earning the money if you are not able to enjoy the pleasures derived from it because you feel sick or suffer from poor health? Would you like it, if you have money to do a party but you feel anxious about social gatherings?

Being healthy means living in a complete state of physical, mental, and social well being.

Money Cannot Buy Health

Money can help us get the best doctors, luxurious hospital facilities, and best treatments but it cannot buy back our healthy body. A wealthy person doesn't need to be living a healthy life too. Being healthy is a choice that people have to make and practice with consistent efforts and discipline to eat better, think better, maintaining a realistic outlook on life, nurture your mind and soul, feeling content or gratitude, smile often, and be kind. If you do, you may find out how rich you are. We have seen so many examples in our daily lives where so many young and rich people die because of poor physical and mental health

Good Health Increases our Productivity

It is only when we are in good health we will be able to reap good wealth and benefits that come with it. It is only when we are physically and mentally well we can acquire anything in the world. Being in good health means one is capable to cope up with day to day physical and mental stress and can work with full enthusiasm which helps us to earn more.

Maintaining Good Health

Self-care and proper discipline are required to keep your good physical and mental health. If we talk about physical health problems our body stops functioning normally and we say that we are not feeling healthy or feeling unwell and then take medications accordingly. But when our mind is not in the healthy state we usually ignore or say that it will be normal after some days, which leads to some serious health problems like insomnia, anxiety, depression, and hypertension and further leads to physical health problems like obesity, heart attack, neurological disorders, diabetes, etc. hence affecting our overall well being. So it becomes our prime responsibility to take care of our overall i.e. physical and mental health. After all, Health is the real wealth.

Physical Health

Maintaining good physical health requires eating right, exercise often and avoid unnecessary medications, taking proper care of your body in case of any injury or ailment. A healthy and balanced diet is one which is rich in fiber, vitamins, proteins, and complex carbohydrates, the food options are low in calorie and rich in its nutritional value. Keeping the records of your daily calorie intake helps you to keep track of your eating habits. Replace the junk food cravings with tasty and healthy food snacks. Keep yourself full by eating small meals and keeping yourself hydrated. Exercising, stretching, or walking for 30 minutes daily helps us to keep physically active and healthy. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking habits to keep you in good health.

Mental Health

Mindfully meditate daily for 10 minutes in the morning and evening to keep your mind healthy and active. Maintain right and positive attitude towards life, learn to cope up with the stress, be realistic and practical with yourself, talk about your feelings to people who love you, do something that excites you, avoid procrastination to avoid unnecessary stress, stay away from negative people, maintain a proper work-life balance to avoid working overtime, fix your sleep time, maintain a journal, practice gratitude. Proper financial planning can help avoid the mental stress that comes with financial matters or job insecurities, it includes proper planning, identifying goals, making strategies, and implementing them for a better future.


Being healthy is important and can impact every aspect of our lives. Investment in health is the best investment you make in your life. Stop making excuses and complaining that you don’t have time to make healthy lifestyle habits. Following a good self-care routine sincerely can help to prioritize time and efforts for your healthy state of mind and body. If you want to be physically and mentally healthy, avoid unhealthy habits and stressful working conditions that affect your health, as well as your ability to concentrate. Take the utmost care of your health, work environment, and surroundings, including the food you consume, the content you feed to your mind, the people you hang out with so that you can feel good, healthy, and be productive. Hence, it is important to realize that wealth once gone can be earned back but health once gone cannot be attained easily.

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