Why At-Home Glo Teeth Whitening Is Not the Best Idea

Why At-Home Glo Teeth Whitening Is Not the Best Idea

At-home glo teeth whitening kits have become incredibly popular among celebrities on social media. Also, they are consistently appearing as sponsored adverts on Instagram and Facebook. Furthermore, when you Google these devices, nearly all of what you see are paid reviews from well-known bloggers who skip over any risks of these goods. Here are some things to think about before buying a glo-whitening device.

Are the home whitening kits safe?
Kind of. The LED light in the at-home whitening set is safe, as it is not bright enough to harm your teeth or gums. And the teeth whitening chemical in those kits is also harmless, as long as you follow instructions carefully and apply the agent to just your teeth. Avoid getting it on your gums because it may cause increased sensitivity. Remember that your teeth and gums may stay sensitive for a few days after the procedure. 

Does the home glo whitening work?
Yes and no. The whitening fluid of at-home whitening kits is excellent for bleaching your teeth. However, it is not as efficient as the chemicals used in the dentist's office, so your results will not be as fantastic as you imagined. You may also find that using the glo gadget is a total waste of money. Though the glo light in home-based sets isn't intense enough to cause any harm, it's also too weak to have any significant whitening effect on your teeth. But you may see an initial change in tooth color, the results will be depending on the peroxide gel used in the kit.

So, should I just get rid of my glo-whitening kit?
If you are happy with the glo teeth whitening results, there is nothing wrong with continuing to use your device. Those lamps have been efficient in making results brighter for about a day after using the Glo gadget, but this glow does not last. But if you use them on a daily basis, these kits can have a significant effect on your teeth. You should also know that they are not as effective as a medical-grade whitening system used at your dentist's office. But, of course, they are more efficient than whitening toothpaste.

If, regarding all the above, you still want to use a home kit, there are a few more things you should remember before the start:

- If you have veneers or crowns, they cannot be whitened. These kits will not change the color of the porcelain used in these products. If you are unhappy with the color of your veneers or crowns, speak to your dentist about getting them replaced.

- Your teeth will not last white forever. The darkening process begins anew as soon as you take a cup of coffee after the procedure. Over time your teeth will lose their brightness, so you'll need to do the whitening procedure, again and again, to keep them white.

- The greater the concentration of the gel doesn't mean the better. A high-quality, lower-concentrated gel can actually give better effects. Your teeth will look white longer, and you will feel less discomfort than using a stronger gel.

- Don't buy kits on Instagram and don't believe the other ads. If you want to whiten your teeth at home, talk to your dentist about being fitted for custom trays or getting recommendations for an ADA and FDA-approved at-home kit.

- NEVER use a teeth-whitening set on kids. The active components in these kits can harm young teeth and gums. In addition, whitening can be done only when all baby teeth have been lost and your child has a full set of adult teeth. But, even then, that can be done only under the supervision of a professional dentist.

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