Paul Singh

Paul Singh is the Sr. Marketing Strategist at Cloud1 Security. He has many years of experience in marketing and has generated many profits for the company. His main focus is to help the business grow and scale using sustained marketing strategies. Cloud1 Security is one of the leading providers of  security cameras, alarm monitoring, home automation, home theatre systems, multi-room audio and low voltage wiring providers.

Articles from this author

Trends that will shape up the alarm systems in 2019

Technology is constantly evolving and making a deep impact on various sectors. The home security industry is not left behind. The technological changes continue to affect the home security industry as well.  Every year, new trends can be seen in the alarm systems, making the system all the more effective and advanced.

Cloud1 Security

The importance of security cannot be ignored. Whether it is a residential or commercial building, maintaining security is a top priority. But the question arises what is the best way to provide security to these places. You cannot make a person standing with open eyes all time at your places.

Benefits of Home Theatre Systems

Home theatre is also called home cinema or theatre rooms. These home theatre systems are used as entertainment audio-visual systems that can produce a movie theatre experience using video and audio equipment at your place.

alarm systems

A security alarm is a system designed to detect trespass or unauthorized entry into a building or other area. Generally, security alarm systems are used in residential, commercial, industrial and military properties for protection against theft or property damage.

uses of security cameras

With the increasing crime rate in recent decades, it has become important to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of modern society. The installed security cameras are considered as an excellent device to increase the level of security of home and property.

Whether it is a commercial or residential building, security nowadays is the prime concern for almost every property owner. However, there are innumerable security systems readily available in the marketplace, choosing a particular option is quite a daunting task.