Top Tips for Hosting a Networking Event


As you probably know, business owners often have a super hectic timetable and little time to spend meeting people and socialising. This hectic schedule can become make it difficult to network. However, there are networking events out there to help business owners, or associates to meet one another and share their experiences. It may difficult and time consuming, but hosting a networking event can be really beneficial to your business and for boosting your brand name and profile. We have come up with 5 tips for hosting a networking event!


Simplicity is beneficial when it comes to controlling a networking event, as it will help control the masses of people attending. There are apps, registration methods and many more ways to do so. A way to control such things can be through Skiddle, where they purchase a wristband to help monitor those coming in and out of the event. Whether you would need charity wristbands or Tyvek wristbands, it’s important to get everything together efficiently. Wristbands can also be beneficial when you are hosting an event that is charity related, as they can be personalized for any occasion. Another useful thing to consider is lanyards, which can be branded and used you as purposes.


When you host an event you should take time to greet everyone present at the event. This way it will add a touch of consideration, rather than seeming as though you’re only interested in the event. Attendees will feel at ease and will appreciate the time taken to greet each and every one at your event. Take interest and listen to what your guests have to say and they will remember exactly what you’ve done.

Choose the right Venue

Almost every venue will allow to hold a networking event, however it is important to choose it wisely. Some hotels will give you extra space with amazing views once you hire their spaces, so it is all about digging through and finding the right space. They will be more than happy to do so, especially with the venues making some sort of financial gain from the event. Venues can help you minimize any sort of frustration that can be caused by hosting such an event, so the better the venue the smoother the event will run.

Be as Helpful as Possible?

It is important to remember that people are there to speak to one another and network. If you know two people who can help people, connect them and allow them to work together. This will show that you care about the individuals, rather than simply allowing them to coincidentally bump into one another. This will all be beneficial to you and help you build trust with others.

Bring business cards

Yes, everyone is online these days, but no, that doesn't mean you should abandon old-school business cards. You never know what modality and method people communicate in, so it's always best to be prepared!

Be nice!

Be nice to everyone in the room. Don't worry about their title, because you don't know who they'll be next year. Almost everyone at these huge networking events feels uncomfortable and shy. There's safety in numbers, so head over and talk to individuals who are standing by themselves


Feedback and Consistency

Once the event is finished it is important to get the right feedback and throw the same thing again. Your guests will also know influential people and they may also attend at your next event. Improve with each event and you’ll see your networking events thrive from people entering and helping you right any wrongs.

Hopefully, this checklist will sure help you in hosting your first business networking event successfully. Good luck!

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