Tips to Teaching Your Kids Using Song

Teaching Your Kids Using Song

 “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward once quoted this famous lines. This saying of his cannot be considered unnecessary even when the matter is about teaching young children, especially your kids. There are several ways to do so and today I am going to discuss that. So, please spare a bit of your precious time and go through it so that you can extract all the goodness and valuable riches of your even more precious gifts from God, your children, your kids. Thus without any further delay let’s dive into the topic.

Understanding child psychology :

A child’s attitude and mentality are quite different from the grown-ups. So are their psychology, thinking and reasoning processes. Unlike properly grown-up individuals they do not judge their surroundings going very deep into it. They try to absorb all they can from their real environment, that is their surroundings to be very precise. A kid learns and believes and tries or attempts to do, whatever they are taught or shown. They tend to believe whatever they are said with simplicity despite the fact that they don’t even know what the matter is.

Years ago, famous men said that a child’s mind is like a plain sheet of white paper. Rhyming with them, I would like to say that to teach kids it is preferable to follow unique but effective methods which in return, may bring a plethora of fruitfulness.

Deciding what to teach:

Preceding all the things that I have discussed throughout time is a significant topic, and that is nothing but the very idea, what to teach the kids. As small children, they do not need to be taught rocket science or anything similar to that or any of its kind. Neither do they have any desire or appetite for that?

All they need to be taught are simple things. Names of a few may include the fundamental things like counting numbers, gentle behavior and etiquette towards the others and to respect each and everyone in the proper way. Thus I think, you, my dear reader, may not have any further difficulties in figuring out what to teach.

Effective methods

  • Rhyme and play with the music.

Before singing with children, try to embrace the music. Sing a particular fragment of the song and get into it. Ask your children whether they can relate to it. Then proceed to the next.

  • Feel the rhythm and flow with the rhyme.

Make your children used to the songs and singing.   Do not pressurize them to feel or get carried away by the music. Instead, you yourself do so, and they will follow you according to their interest.

  • Understand the lyrics.

Make your kids understand the lyrics so that they understand the topic vividly.

  • Get a new song every time.

Always try to get a new song. Do not take their interest off, by making the matter of song monotonous to them by repeating the very song each and every time you organize the event. Do not break the song up into several fragments to make it easier for you and skip the rest. This may result in the young lad not finding out anything lucrative.

  • Have patience.

Your child may not be able to sing it properly in the very first try. Never give up or lose your hope.

  • Make use of gestures.

Your gestures serve up a massive part in making your effort effective. Thus frequently make use of your hands and fingers as much as you can to make the task as lively, vibrant and fruitful as you can.

  • Try to repeat and utilize the process as much as you can.

It is not necessary that one has to go through the process by doing up the proper setup with speakers and music players each and every time. The person need not do this. Instead, he/she can do it as many times as possible (even with the minimalistic setup) and the child or children can highly appreciate this much effort as they easily get attracted to things which to them, seem to be interesting.

  • Make a routine.

Tell your kids that this will be a routine practice for them and you. In addition to that, you can do one and ask the children to predict and prepare for the next. This may help them a lot to develop their reasoning skills. You can also ask them about whether they have anything similar or in common to that in their mind.

  • Don’t be judgemental.

If your younger one does not do it properly, do not scold him/her. Neither make any negative comments immediately. Have patience, cool down your temper and make a new start all over again. You know many people even lost their lives while trying to climb Mount Everest. They did not become successful all at once in their very first try. Instead, they did not give it up on their fate. They all went through many hardships and sturdy pieces of training, and finally, success came their way.

  • Bring out the utmost joy from it.

Songs are something that we like and use it as a great medium of relaxation and refreshment. So try to make the event joyous.

Prioritizing children’s desires.

Prioritizing children’s desires play a vital role in the context. I think people should be focused on their child’s likes and dislikes. One should listen to them with the utmost importance. They are not going to ask for enormous things for which they can be blamed.



Alongside their problems can also be resolved or tried to be done so, using songs of different genres. They may become more interactive, in addition to getting their problems solved. As a surplus, their vocabulary may be improved and they may also be able to learn a new language in the form of play. They don’t have to go to any place for this. Parents do not have to spend anything extra for that as they are getting that as an additional benefit or as a bonus.

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