Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Grinder

You can always rely on a coffee to lift your spirits at any time of the day, whether it is on a cold wintery night, or on that dreaded Monday morning before work! When it comes to getting that top-notch blend of coffee, it is vital that highest quality blend is chosen for either yourself, a group of friends, or mainly... your customers. You may already have a fast and powerful commercial coffee machine but do you have the ideal industrial coffee grinder to sit next to it. You won’t regret making this investment! Why? Well, many coffee experts will agree when I say this piece of technology (i.e. the grinder) is a significant factor in the coffee making industry.

... Behind Every Great Blend Of Coffee Is A Top Quality Grinder!

So you may be asking... “Where do I begin?” The purpose of this article is to provide you with an insight into how to pick the perfect grinder for yourselves. There is such a wide range of manufacturers in the exceptionally large world of commercial coffee grinders; usually in the forms of either the ‘Blade’ or the most popular choice, the ‘Burr’. You will need to maintain your grinder, clean it and even adjust it on a daily basis to allow for a consistent coffee.

So let’s start with the basics and the most highly recommended ‘burr’ grinders; which consist of either ‘flat’ or ‘conical’ burrs (both work the same). With these, you tend to have a lot more control over your grind allowing for a more consistent blend. A manual burr grinder tends to be relatively small and cheap, so this would be an adequate choice for those who are limited on space and money. These can also be acknowledged for their beneficial production of a very consistent aggregate; due to the flake-like texture of the beans that the grinder produces. Plus there is no chance of burning the coffee... which is always a plus!

The blade grinder is your other option which has a blade in the centre of the grinder that acts like a propeller. The blade slices the beans up and allows you to control the fineness of the beans. The grounds, however, can be relatively uneven in size if not performed correctly – so take your time in getting it right! These tend to be faster so if you want quantity over quality then this option could sway you.

When it comes to these devices it is imperative that you select the most suited manufacturer. Mahlkonig, Mazzer and Anfim may be three of the names that spring to mind in this area. These are just a few of the most technically advanced, high-quality grinders that could be a great investment for your workplace; so here is why you should consider one. A commercial coffee grinder has around 50% more power than a normal home grinder, thus resulting in the beans being cooler when they are ground. They are renowned for their ability to brew a large amount of coffee, in a short period of time.

In comparison to a normal home grinder, these more advanced machines excel in quality and dependability; through modern machinery and expert hand-crafting techniques. The important aspect of this is that the devices can deliver the consistently ground beans that you will require, to allow you to gain that rich smooth flavour from the beans. This will leave you or your customers fresh and alive for the day... which is what every coffee lover wants! So why is all this so important? Because behind every impeccable cup of coffee lies a top-notch, high-quality commercial coffee grinder.

In a coffee bar, restaurant, cafe or any other similar business type you may have, you need a heavyweight coffee grinder that can run consistently throughout the day without wearing out, such as the ‘Mazzer super jolly’, or even the ‘Anfim Caimano’. You must make sure you account for the space these grinders may take up, yet also remember how important these are to the end product! The majority of the weight comes from the actual body of the device which contains a large motor, which is needed to reduce the heat when grinding the beans. The importance of this is reflected in the quality of the coffee, as the heat could cause some of the flavour to disappear; leaving a bitter coffee (which I’m sure no one wants).

Within the grinder sits a chamber, which is usually above the base and holds the ground coffee. The loose coffee grounds in this chamber, filling up the dosing mechanism. When the lever is pulled, this will result in the ‘dosing disc’ releasing the ground coffee into the dosing compartment. So if you own a cafe, make sure you clear out the chamber (recommended to do this with a small brush) to remove any remaining coffee grounds.

Now let me introduce you to the ‘hopper’. This is the usual plastic chamber that holds all of the coffee beans that are waiting to be ground. It is such an important aspect to consider when picking your grinder. In terms of the choosing a ‘commercial’ grinder, these will allow you to hold significantly more beans than a standard home grinder! “So you can keep up with the pace of your eager customers who are dying for their morning fix”. You MUST clean the coffee hopper every night in your workplace to let it dry out overnight; trust me you don’t want to invest your money in something that turns to the unfavourable rust.

Essentially, superb coffee beans need a quality grinder in any restaurant, cafe or coffee place, and if you have already committed yourself to purchasing top notch coffee beans, why not give the beans the quality they deserve? ...“never overlook the buying process of a grinder if you want to deliver a flawless blend of coffee that people will be dying to taste!”

Thomas Mullarkey

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