Embracing the Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage for centuries. But in recent years, the tables have been turning. More and more people are shifting to coffee, especially millennials and the younger generation.  If you scroll through your Instagram, you might notice that every 5th or 6th post has a coffee mug in it. There are 118 million posts on Instagram today with “#coffee”, and that in itself is a solid statement. All this is excluding the millions of stories people have been posting and will keep posting, of coffee mugs and coffee art. 

Whether it’s consumed hot, or cold, coffee is a favorite among the youngsters. Coffee is not just delicious; there are a lot of health benefits of drinking coffee. It is scientifically proven that coffee can improve energy levels, help you burn fat, and improves physical performance. Coffee can also lower the risk of encountering diseases like type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s. 

The coffee way of life

At the workplace

Coffee is probably a much bigger part of people’s lives than they realize. Whether it’s a small start-up, or a humongous MNC, coffee machines are available in every office. The short breaks during office hours are mostly taken to get energized over coffee and along with that colleagues get to know each other better, thus making it the perfect way to socialize. It's even better during the winter season and during this season coffee becomes almost like our 3 meals. Coffee has now become a habit for most people; they’re constantly sipping their drink while at work. And since everybody has their own preference of coffee and their own method of preparing coffee, sometimes coffee lovers spend 10-15 minutes of their break time preparing the coffee they love. 

Social outings

Believe it or not, coffee is still the preferred drink when people think of going out. Whether it’s a casual get together with friends, catching up with someone after a long time, or going out on a date, everybody wants coffee. In fact, even university students working in groups on various projects choose to work and chill at the same time over a cup of coffee. 

At home

Some coffee lovers like to take things into their own hands. With the increasing range and quality of kitchen appliances, the process has become much easier. All you need is a coffee maker and you’re good to go. But one needs to always keep in mind that an automatic coffee maker doesn't prepare the coffee grounds for full extraction, properly. There are manual pour over cones which call for a pre-infusion or bloom. So, take the right pick when buying a coffee maker, based on what kind of coffee you truly love to have. 

There are a lot of appliances available online these days, so there are a lot of options to choose from. Making coffee at home is the best way of coffee consumption because it will not burn a hole in your pocket, you can make it according to what you like and how much of it you like in your coffee, and you can enjoy your delicious coffee snuggled up in your bed, or sofa. 

In peace 

People often feel the need to spend some time with themselves and contemplate life. At this moment, coffee is the perfect partner, keeping the mind at peace and bringing thoughts or ideas to the surface. People also love to sit by themselves and read their books in peace. They have little bookshelves of their own, to easily pick their favourite book and dive in it while sipping on the coffee, in peace. 

Coffee has successfully created for itself a culture that more and more people are adopting as the days go by. All the different kinds of coffee – latte, Americano, espresso, cappuccino, frappuccino, mochaccino, macchiato, and Irish – are loved and favored by all. Therefore, it’s obvious that the growing coffee craziness is definitely here to stay. 

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