Coffee-Brewing Hacks: How To Make The Perfect Cup At Home


Exploring Different Coffee Making Conventions

There are about as many ways to make a cup of coffee as there are people. But which is going to be best? Well, that may depend on a couple of different factors. In this writing, we’ll cover a few different ways to make coffee to give you perhaps a little imagination fodder on which to build your next fine cup.

1. Traditional Coffee

Traditional coffee is a matter of getting the right beans and putting them in the right balance. You can buy beans whole and use your own grinder if you like, or you can experiment with different brands of coffee. The level of flavor will in large part depend on the level of grounds you put into the coffee machine.

For a pot with a lighter blend, put in two or three teaspoons. For more strength, put in four or five. Some people want that filter half full, and coffee they can chew; others get heartburn fast with such coffee. What best fits you will differ based on your preferences. Whether you buy and grind beans or use blends like Folgers will depend on you.

Some people just want a normal cup of black coffee, and to get the balance right, they’ll have to experiment. One thing is sure: you don’t get the same level of customizability through coffee shops. Outlets like Starbucks have a proprietary formula, and it’s always the same at baseline even if you have slightly different tastes. At home, you’ve got control.

2. Going With Exotic Prep Methods

Definitely explore coffee-making conventions from other countries. There’s nothing like a cup of “Joe” from Israel, where abundant grounds and sugar mix together for a potent blend of sweetness and energy.

There’s also nothing like a fine Swedish cup as prepared using suggestions through sites like Good Fika. “Fika” is a Swedish word meaning something akin to “having a cup of coffee”; but there's a lot more to it than that, you’ll find out as much on the site.

The truth is, it’s about more than just the coffee. It’s also about the ritual of preparation and enjoyment in the morning.

3. “Bulletproof” Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is essentially “keto” coffee. That means it utilizes a balanced concentration of “fatty” compounds to maximize energy and metabolic impact. Now at sites like this, you’ll find an in-depth description of this coffee, and they’re going to push their brand; you don’t necessarily need their brand to make this delectable beverage.

Essentially, per eight-ounce cup of coffee, you mix one or two tablespoons of coconut oil, brain octane C8 MCT oil, or whatever oil best suits you, with one to two tablespoons of unsalted butter.

The result is a filling coffee that gives you energy and optimizes your mind based on natural metabolic function. Also, you don’t feel hungry, and it tastes excellent. It’s the perfect amount of buttery and smooth—you don’t even need cream.

4. Heavy Whipping Cream And Bliss

Atkins and ketogenic dieting have this in common: sugars and carbs have got to go. So eggs, bacon, blueberries, avocados, tomatoes—that’s a fine keto plate. Atkins leans more on the meat, the link shows the difference, here’s the point: heavy whipping cream instead of normal cream is organic, makes a cup of coffee taste delicious, and can be combined with bulletproof methods.

Granted, you should reduce caloric intake elsewhere if you go this way, and if you can stand where rather than sit throughout the day, that’s smarter. But you get the idea! Heavy whipping cream is a fine cream alternative, it’s delicious, it’s enervating, and it can be good for you if ingested properly.

Finding Your Ideal Coffee Blend

Whipped cream, bulletproof coffee, exotic prep methods, and traditional brews all represent fine ways of achieving your perfect cup of coffee. Play around, and find the balance that best fits your taste buds.

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