Spices And Condiments Can Help You Add Intrigue To Your Cooking

In the case of Indian cooking, most of us love to eat food that has a particular amount of spice and condiment. Unlike the Europeans, we don’t prefer raw and uncooked food. Along with that, a lot of us have a certain way of preparing the food with just the right amount of add on. The only time we eat bland food is, in times of sickness or if ordered by the nutritionist.

Now, it’s not a big mystery, but the consumption of some spices in excessive amount, can mess up with our stomach and digestive system. However, this is not the case for all of them. Indians herbs are known all over the world for their magical powers. This is in addition to the wonderful flavour they bring to the food. Most tourists who visit India, fall in love with Indian cuisine because of the aroma of our food, which is missing in western cuisines.

But if you aren’t that great in kitchen, we are going to share a few kitchen secrets. Try them the next time you want to impress someone with your cooking. Remember this will not only add a touch of great taste to your meal but also an element of surprise.  

If you know the secret behind the use of spices and condiments, then you are one of the lucky ones. But just to help you out, we are going to list their benefits to jazz up your cooking skills.

Good for digestion:

The primary reason why Indian species have a special mention in the kitchens all over the world is because it helps to cure digestion issues. The presence of essential oils and phytochemicals boosts the entire process and eliminates stomach disorders. In fact, further issues like ulcers can also be prevented through regular consumption. This ensures normal functioning of the intestines and wards off stomach problems like constipation.

Help to prevent cancer:

Indian herbs are well-known for their anti-carcinogenic properties. Therefore, their usage helps to inhibit the growth the cancerous cells in the body and thereby prevents the occurrence of various types of cancer.

Fight infections:

Thanks to their anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, spices and condiments are a must in Indian kitchens to protect the health of you and your entire family. Adding a pinch of these to your meal will boost your immunity and prevent the occurrence of allergies.

Act as anti-depressants:

These natural herbs also contain enzymes that help in the release of feel good hormones in the body. Therefore, they act as natural stress busters and alleviate pain and anxiety.

Prevent and cure skin problems: 

Adding spices to your meal, will not only bring a great flavour to the food but will also help to treat several skin diseases like acne, wrinkles and burn marks. The presence of anti-inflammatory elements will avoid inflammation of the skin and help to heal it sooner.  

Therefore, spices and condiments have quite a few health benefits. That is the main reason why Indians love to use them while cooking. This may sound unbelievable to some, but we can’t really enjoy our meals without the use of the right amount of masala. In fact, these herbs also contain several properties which is why health practitioners advise and promote their use for cooking.

 Apart from these they are also essential to protect the body and keep it in good shape. Although, one needs to be careful that excessive use can trigger some issues in the stomach. But, yes adding them to your daily routine will definitely improve your health in the long run. Since these are great taste enhancers you can add them to raw as well as cooked food. Apparently, foods tend to lose their flavour in the process of cooking, therefore adding spices and condiments will bring out a natural flavour and also make it rich.

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