Should You Buy A New or A Used Car

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So, you’re in the market for a car, but which is the better option for you? Should you buy a brand-new car? Or would you be better off with a good quality used car? There are pros and cons to be considered for each, and in this post, we’re going to look at some of the differences between buying new and buying used.


Where you can buy

There are different options for where you can buy your car depending on whether you buy it new or used. Typically, new cars can only be bought from a dealer or a broker. Dealerships usually sell all types of cars from one specific manufacturer, while a broker will help you decide what car you want and get it for you.

Your rights as a consumer are often stronger when you buy from a dealer, and you can part-exchange your current car as well as ensure you get the exact model and specification you want. With a broker, you can save thousands of pounds, and your car will be delivered to you at home instead, as well as there being no need to negotiate prices to get the best deal.

When you’re buying a used car, you often have more buying options. As well as being able to go through a dealer, you can buy from car auctions, classified ads, local independent garages, or through private sellers (such as friends, family, or personal connections).



New cars are, of course, always considerably more expensive. This fact is unavoidable, but the pro here is that with that price tag comes to the security of knowing that you are getting a brand-new car. This means not having to worry about the condition, functionality, previous owner, and the likes. You have the luxury of knowing that you are the first person to own the car.

Used cars are typically significantly cheaper than new cars, a lot of which is simply down to the fact that the car has a history. You should always check a car’s history before you buy it as this is going to tell you anything that has happened to the car as well as the previous owners etc. If a car seems suspiciously cheap, then checking its history can be a good way to find out why.


Repairs and maintenance

Having a newer car doesn’t necessarily mean that your insurance cost will go up. However, what is likely to increase is the amount you end up spending for repairs and maintenance. New cars will often set you back much more for repairs and general maintenance than a used car will. This is mainly down to the fact that replacement parts for new models are more expensive, whereas older cars and used cars can have parts purchased cheaper.


Tax benefit

In the UK, new cars are subject to a first-year tax rate based upon their CO2 emissions. This cost is typically factored into the car’s price; however, it is a significant extra cost that you wouldn’t experience with a used car. After that first year, new cars can cost £145 every year to tax.

Buying a used car means you’ll get a tax benefit as long as the car was registered before April 2021. A handful of low-emission cars could potentially save you up to £465 per year compared with new equivalents, so new is no always better.


When it comes to buying a car, only you know what you want and what you can afford. However, keep these things in mind if you’re on the fence between new and used. In many cases, you can get a high-quality used car that is just as good as a new car, and you will reap the benefits.

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