7 Disadvantages of Ceramic Coatings

7 Disadvantages of Ceramic Coatings

Compared to waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings provide the greatest and most long-lasting protection for your car's paint. 

You should always be informed of all of the benefits and drawbacks of any product you wish to use on your car, and reading this article will help you determine whether the ceramic coating is the best option for your vehicle or if you should look for another type of paint protection.

Here's a list of the most annoying things to consider when ceramic coating your automobile, along with how to cope with them. 

1. Ceramic Coating Application is Expensive
The cost of ceramic coatings is its major disadvantage. Many consumers observe the price of ceramic coating bottles (typically between $50 and $100) and believe that is the true cost. And that's only a small portion of the expense.

Ceramic coatings require knowledge, experience, special paint correction tools, UV lamps, and a specialized room (garage) to dry properly and bind to the paint. 

2. It Is Difficult to Apply If You Are Inexperienced
Even if you have all of the necessary equipment and space, proper ceramic coating application demands understanding. Many people are unaware of the numerous tips and methods for ceramic coatings that can be used to ensure their durability and long-term effectiveness.

Of course, if you're a DIYer, you'll soon learn everything, but we don't recommend using ceramic coatings on your vehicle if you've never dealt with car detailing before. If you want to understand more about ceramic coating application, check out some DIY tutorials to apply the ceramic coating yourself.

3. Requires Thorough Paint Preparation
All paint protection treatments require paint preparation, but waxes and sealants are less expensive options, and if their durability suffers as a result of improper paint preparation, it's not a major concern. 

However, for ceramic coatings, the clear coat should be flawless. Otherwise, they will not adhere to the paint, limiting their lifetime.

Do not polish your car with an all-in-one polish or compound. If your car's paint isn't perfect, try a two-step repair. That is the only way to expect ceramic coatings to last. Always get your car properly ready for ceramic coating treatment.

4. Some Ceramic Coatings Are Not Available to Everyone
Most ceramic coatings are readily available. However, some businesses have professional-grade products that they do not sell to anyone. You may only buy it if you have a certificate of expertise (you must be a professional detailer and complete their courses).

5. Water Spots May Occur More Easily
Ceramic coatings are designed and used to protect paint from various pollutants. However, ceramic coatings do not provide adequate protection for water spot prevention. They facilitate the production of water spots.

Ceramic coatings cause water on the surface to bead, which is great if you're moving, but it can be an issue if your car is parked and some of the water beads dry on the paint. They can be difficult to remove and, if left untreated for an extended period of time, can harm ceramic surfaces.

6. Many Manufacturers Promote Misleading Claims
While some manufacturers would opt for complete transparency, others may make deceptive claims about the durability of their ceramic coating goods. Some businesses may even claim that their ceramic coatings can last up to 9 years, which, while theoretically correct, is usually only possible if you park your car in the garage and never drive it. And that is not how the real world works in most circumstances.

7. To Last Longer, Ceramic Coatings Require a Lot of Maintenance
To get the most out of ceramic coatings and ensure that they last as long as advertised, keep your car maintained regularly. This includes:
- Washing your automobile properly with pH-neutral shampoos;
- Apply ceramic coating boosters, toppers, or ceramic sprays every few months. This will provide an extra layer of protection that lasts up to 6 months, thereby extending the ceramic coating life);
- Keeping your car in a garage;
- Dry your automobile quickly after washing it to avoid water marks.

To be clear, you would have to do the above things even if you did not apply ceramic coating to your automobile, but we considered it a disadvantage because you are paying a high price for something that requires frequent maintenance.

Ceramic coatings erode over time and typically require reapplication every few years, depending on product quality and upkeep.

The bottom line
Despite the disadvantages of ceramic coatings, choosing them as your paint protection solution is strongly recommended because they provide the best protection against impurities and last longer than waxes or sealants. 

Ceramic coatings evolve in tandem with technological and scientific advancements. They improve year after year. This is why ceramic coatings are the best approach to maintaining your car's paint (other than keeping it in a garage forever).

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