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In past few years, virtual reality has become an extremely popular term. Virtual reality (VR) is a three-dimensional image that was created using a computer. VR can represent different objects, objects and even entire events. Depending on the concept, virtual reality is based on both the real world and completely fictional elements. The simplest way is to say that this term briefly means a virtual imitation of the reality

In the beginning, it is worth emphasizing the assumptions of this technology. VR’s job is to provide people a natural and real experience. Our brains, however, are constructed in such way that on the basis of small details they are able to say that something is wrong - in this case, that the picture is not real. The challenge of virtual reality creators is to create a virtual world that will maximize the appearance of reality.

Virtual reality is used primarily in entertainment, presenting 360 ° films or as complementary accessories for video games. We can not only participate in the game, seeing the virtual world on the screen but practically become part of it.

We should mention here augmented reality (AR), which combines the real world with the virtual world. The AR is usually used for camera image and on which computer generated 3D elements are applied. Nowadays AR is used, like VR, among others in aviation, medicine or motorization, as well as for marketing purposes, e.g. in smartphone applications, which allow users to virtually change the color of the walls or to set furniture in the room from a given store.

The entertainment industry provides us with a wide range of possibilities. More and more games are being created for VR devices. If you have a VR headset, here’s a list of games that you should try out!

Rick and Morty - virtual Rick-ality

Have you heard about the Rick and Morty cartoon for adults? The production of this game is based on the animated series “Rick and Morty” - the satirical-humorist cartoon presents the adventures of a genius scientist Rick and his clumsy grandson named Morty. During the game, we impersonate one of the cartoon’s main characters - Morty, conducting various experiments and playing with crazy inventions. The game was created by The independent studio Owlchemy Labs, which is known primarily thanks to the game Job Simulator, one of the most popular games for owners of VR goggles in 2016.

Project Cars (GOTY Edition)  - Project CARS is a beautiful, intense, technically advanced, and the most realistic racing game in the world. Funded by a devoted community that joined the production process to create the best racing production, Project CARS allows players to create a profile of their own driver, allows selection from a wide range of motorsports, and participate in struggles that test driver skills both offline and on the network.

The Lab (Valve) - With the official appearance of the consumer version of HTC Vive on the market, Valve has made available for free to all users of the headset a set of VR experiences, which takes place in the world known for games from the Portal series.

Aperture Science is a fictional science center in which the action of popular games Portal and Portal 2 takes place. It is this environment that Valve decided to use to present the capabilities of the HTC Vive goggles and a room-scale tracking system - SteamVR Lighthouse.

The Climb (CRYTEK) - The Climb on PC Windows is another Crytek studio game, known for such productions as Robinson: The Journey, Ryse: Son of Rome, Arena of Fate or the Crysis series of shooters. The production was created by a branch located in Frankfurt and is intended for Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles. During play, you play the role of an extreme sports enthusiast who travels the world in search of the steepest and most dangerous cliffs to which he climbs without any protection. Using a pad from the Xbox One console or Oculus Touch controllers, the player controls the character's movements, grabbing protruding edges or performing risky jumps from one place to another. All of this is obviously seen from the first person's perspective.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a giant MMO for lovers of stellar futuristic spaceships. In this MMO game, you play the not-too-wealthy pilot of a spaceship. Elite Dangerous simulates countless star systems along with orbiting planets around them.


Subnautica is a first-person adventure game with elements of survival taking place under the surface of the ocean. The game was created by the Unknown Worlds Entertainment studio known for the production of the network shooter Natural Selection 2.

In Subnautica, our character makes a forced landing on an alien planet completely covered with ocean, and the game involves exploring the underwater world inhabited by various forms of life.

Dear Esther

Dear Esther is an experimental computer adventure game with a first-person view created by the independent Thechineseroom studio for Microsoft Windows and OS X.v

The player makes progress in the Dear Esther game by exploring the uninhabited Hebrides Island, during which the fragments of a letter to a woman named Esther are played by an unknown man. The game suggests that the husband of Esther is the narrator, and she herself died as a result of a car accident. These monologues are triggered when the player reaches a certain place on the island and is played by a semi-random game, which means that in a particular game, a bit different stories are generated, as some recordings are played and others are skipped. In his letters, the narrator describes a few characters unknown to the player. One of them is Donnelly's cartographer, who in the past created a map of the island. The narrator often refers to a book in which Donnelly described his journey around the island. Another mentioned figure is Paul, who probably caused the accident in which Esther died. The narrator also talks about Jakobson, an 18th-century shepherd who once lived on the island, bringing his story closer.

Alien Isolation

First-person survival horror embedded in the popular Alien universe. In this game, you play as Amanda Ripley - the daughter of the movie heroine series, whose goal is to find the black box of the famous freighter Nostromo and determine what really happened to her mother. The production modeled on the iconic, first part of the film focuses primarily on the incredible atmosphere and ubiquitous sense of danger.

Adrift (ADR1FT)

ADR1FT is a devastating First Person Experience (FPX) game that tells the story of an astronaut in mortal danger. Without memory and in a badly damaged suit, from which oxygen slowly escapes, as the only survivor silently circulates in a state of weightlessness amid the wreck of a destroyed space station and tries to find out the cause of the catastrophe that tragically deprived all crew members of life. The player struggles for survival, exploring the wreck in search of valuable resources. On the way, he struggles with the ruthless surroundings and at all costs tries to repair the rescue capsule so that he can safely return to Earth.

Solus Project

Solus is a survival sandbox that combines arcade elements with numerous logic puzzles. Players are thrown into a foreign planet with a merciless climate and a large population of predators, and their task is not only to survive, but also to discover the secrets hidden in this world. The production was based on the Unreal Engine 4 technology.

VR chat

VR chat is a  free production that allows players to play together, designed for virtual reality sets. Its basic functionality is the ability to talk with other players, but we can also invite them to play in one of the minigames or even take them to a joint film screening. The new content is created by both the authors and the players themselves, using the shared tools. It’s especially popular with video content creators, who use a game recorder to film their gameplay and publish their videos on a YouTube or other similar platforms.

There is no doubt that virtual reality is a technology that will be further developed - both in terms of entertainment and applications in various industries. Remember, not to associate VR only as a fashionable element of modernity, but also as a practical and necessary tool, the use of which can even save our lives.

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