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Rust is one of the trending survival games of today's world. The game was initially released in 2013 by Facepunch Studios. However, the final public version was released in early 2018. Rust is a multiplayer survival game. Players from all across the world are sent to a map where they have to survive. The player who stays till the end wins.

To survive, you need to be in college with various objects that increase your health. Apart from that, there are wild animals in the game, from which you have to save yourself. All in all, Rust is a pretty fun game and entertaining game. The game is available for the Windows and Mac OS platforms. The developer's intent to release it for the consoles in 2021.


As mentioned above, the game concept is similar to most other survival games, where the player has to survive with a bunch of other players on a shared map. The players have to hunt for the viral resources that will make their survival easy and fight wild animals and other players when the time comes. The game doesn't end until the second last person dies. Only then, the winner of the game is decided. Most survival games are exciting in general, but what makes the Rust stand out is the special and exciting features of the game, such as hunting for resources and gathering food items to increase calorie intake, etc.


Graphics isn't the strongest department of the Rust game. When you play Rust for the first time, the graphics might hurt your expectations for the first time. Don't get me wrong, the game looks decent, in fact for than fine for most people, but not quite up to the 2020 level of games. The overall environment of the game looks just fine. However, the animations and the players look ugly. The graphics of the game can be somewhat compared with the Minecraft game. The graphics department is something I wish they improve in the future.


The sound of the Rust game is more than great. In fact, Rust has one of the best voice chats in any game that I have played in my life. The sound is equally as important as any other factor, especially in the survival games where you have to depict another player's presence. Rust perfectly does the job of helping players communicate through sound. This is the department of the game in which I don't think there is any room for improvement.


The gaming experience or the game's playability might be challenging for new players at first due to its sometimes slow response on menus; however, you will surely enjoy the overall gaming experience once you get used to it. You can sometimes experience some bugs or crashes during the game, but hey, no one is perfect, right. We all have some flaws.


Multiplayer Rust Servers

To play online survival games like Rust, you need servers that should be good and reliable. Believe it or not, in most cases, the gameplay matters more on the servers than your skills. An amateur may beat a professional in the games' final stages due to a more superior server. Therefore it is always recommended to opt for a good and reliable server.

Following are some of the best Rust servers that you can play at.

I. Perilous PvE 3x

The Perilous PvE 3x is one of, if not the best, Rust server that you can use to play the game. The server has an uptime of 100% percent, which means no chances of the server crashing. Any server that has a 100% uptime means that it would be reliable to say the least. Apart from that, several other features of the Perilous PvE 3x server include Custom AI, 24/7 active admins, friendly community, supply drops, and much more.

II. AlcatRust Server

Next up is the AlcatRust server. The server is known to have some of the most amazing features as compared to other Rust servers. The server maintains its reputation with a 100% uptime from the start. This server would be beneficial to the Germans, as it is situated in Germany. Coming to the features of the AlcatRust server, it offers unlimited teleports, as well as six homes. The server hosts many events that include Arena, Treasure Box, Plane Crash, and Buried Treasure.

III. Evolved PVE Server

The evolved PVE server is another great server for Rust game. The server is situated in America, which makes this a good choice for the North American Rust players. Like the other Rust servers that we discussed, the Evolved PVE server also has a 100% uptime, minimizing the risk of this server crashing. The evolved PVE server is regularly being updated, which is a good thing for a server. The evolved PVE server is constantly being updated every 5 minutes.

IV. Paradox Rust

The paradox Rust is among the top Rust servers. This is the one and the only server of Rust on all of the Philippines which is nothing less than a blessing for the Philippine Rust players. Although the server has a rank of 331 which is not that impressive compared with other Rust servers, the users have no complaints with the server whatsoever. The server's uptime is 100%, which is the first thing you want in an online server.

V. Restful Server

Next, we have another server from the United States, which has become a sad sight nowadays. The server once used to be one of the best Rust servers, which isn't the case anymore. The server is constantly offline, which is something you never want in an online server. We would love to see this Rust server return to its former glory.



Rust is among the top survival games that you can play. Many server-based mods can be done to the game. Therefore, we recommend doing some prior research before you start playing.

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