Epic Games Store Released Self-Publishing Tools for Publishers and Developers

Epic Games Store Released Self-Publishing Tools for Publishers and Developers

Epic Games has announced the release of self-publishing tools to the Epic Games Store for publishers and game developers. CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney and the head of the Epic Games Store Steve Allison issued a press statement. They said the newly released tools demonstrate a remarkable landmark for the store.

These tools will allow publishers and game developers to frequently reach much bigger markets to present their developed games. The store has recorded a massive audience of 68 million per month active users, while recording 34 million in 2022. However, the store has facilitated around 230 million players.

Rating for User’s Developed Games

Developers can now get an opportunity with these tools to reach a massive audience more simply to offer their cheaper games. These tools will reportedly make the Epic Games Store more combative compared to its competitor Steam. The Epic Games Store now has at least doubled the users with formerly enabled self-publishing.

These tools will enable developers to scale or rate their developed games and allow the market to confirm their scaling. However, developers can directly contact the Epic Developer Portal to release their games using the self-service publishing tools. Any publisher or developer can get these tools with game meetings after fulfilling the store’s specific requirements.

Epic Games Store Requirements for Self-Publishing Tools:

All publishers and developers can reach the store if their titles meet the requirements of the Epic Games Store. These specific requirements are aimed at providing the best gaming experience to players without bounding into a single store. Some of the essential requirements are below.

1. PC Cross-Play for Multiplayer Games

Perfect multiplayer games efficiently support cross-play throughout all PC stores. It would confirm that players must connect with other players after purchasing a multiplayer game from any game store. This will allow developers to implement cross-play using free Epic Online Services or a 3rd party SDK (software development kit).

2. Epic Games Store Achievements

The Epic Games Store will offer all games after March 9, 2023. Developers need to enable Epic Games Store accomplishments if the game has accomplishments on other PC stores. This will effectively regularize the gaming player's experience.

3. Age Ratings for Regional Distribution

The Epic Games Store has affiliated with the IARC (International Age Rating Coalition) to support developers directly obtaining ratings. The Epic Games Store has offered this free-of-cost service to developers. They will find their game on the store game page if the game already got a rating from an official rating system.

4. Prohibited Content

The Store has prohibited specific types of content including pornography, hateful or discriminatory content, and illegal content. However, any content that breaches cultured property the developer doesn’t own or has rights to use. It includes fraud, scams, or crafty practices including malware or fake games. Keep in mind that the Store didn’t prohibit blockchain games.

Epic Games Store

5. The Quality of a Game

Developed games must have the capability to download, install, launch, and frequently perform with provided descriptions on the game page. Meanwhile, the Epic Games Store reserves the right to refuse games that don’t meet significant quality and functionality requirements.

Epic’s Powerful Move to Utilize the Epic Games Store:

Epic claimed that publishers and developers are now allowed to access a large pool of audiences. They can reach around 230 million global users with an increase of 36 million reported active users in 2021. It is noteworthy that there are at least 723 million cross-platform Epic accounts. However, publishers will get 88% of the profit for the games sold over the Epic Games Store platform.

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They can use their own or a 3rd party payment solution to get 100% of the profit from in-app purchases. So, Epic Games will charge just 12% for its provided services. The integrated process of the Developer Portal efficiently obtains the IARC ratings at no cost. However, the IARC ratings are essential and useful requirements in some countries.

Support-A-Creator Program for Content Creators

Sweeney said the rating system on consoles utilizes the IARC ratings. Google also utilizes IARC ratings but Apple has developed its own real administered system. However, every other platform has already implemented specific rating systems. She said but it is just the wild-west on PC game stores. You can’t get specific parental controls to access games.

Most of these indie games are without ratings on multiple stores like Steam. These stores don’t allow developers to access resources and get a rating after setting up parental controls. Meanwhile, the Support-A-Creator associated program enables developers to energize content creators. This program also empowers a game beyond the store after sharing a percentage of your profit with them.

The Epic Games Store’s Plans for Users in 2023:

The Epic said earlier this year that its major objective is to improve the launcher's performance. The Store is also planning to expand the Epic Games Store in various other remarkable ways. The priority roadmap for 2023 reportedly includes the following objectives.

1. The first priority is the Launcher Performance Improvements and sustainable faster load times. It would facilitate the end-to-end user experience throughout the entire launcher.

2. The store will offer Support for Subscription Services from live service products and 3rd party publishers.

3. The platform will provide Content Hubs beyond the product pages. These hubs will offer a new path to the destination for publishers to share information with users in a meaningful editorial format. This is related to ongoing and upcoming live-service products such as application updates and developer news.

Epic Games Store’s Recent Release was Announced in 2022:

The Player Ratings and Poll of Epic enable gamer’s direct feedback to the Epic Games Store community for the games. The platform has enhanced the Search mechanism to rapidly explore games in the Library and the Store. The Store has also offered much better filter options to strengthen Browse in the Store and your Library.

The Store has created Library Favorites and Folders to support organized collections and players can rapidly access their favorite games. The platform provided a Direct Game Page to Library Linking. Players can access it from the product page of the game in their library to download or play. Meanwhile, the newly released Cross-play Tools for PC are now an essential part of Epic Online Services.

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