List of 15 Content Curation Tools


Content marketing is about focusing on the valuable and relevant content that helps in attracting and retaining the customers or audience. As a result, it helps in driving the profitable traffic to website. That is the major reason, top SEO companies consider creating the content with relevancy.  The interesting thing about content marketing is that it is an ongoing process.

List of Content curation tools

Pearltrees - Pearltrees helps in organizing and saving the content of one’s interest. It also carries a feature to make the collections private. Other features allow you to add web pages, photos, files, notes and many more. You can explore and share the content available on web.

Flipboard - It is tool that collects content from trusted sources. The content collected by flipboard is of high quality. Flipboard basically work as a social magazine. It is available for android, iOS and windows phone. It helps in displaying the articles, videos, audios, photos and more. You can easily share the content usidng profile badge, Bookmarklet, Flip.It bustton and magazine widget.

Bundle Post - If you want to promote, distribute and discover than Bundle Post is the best curation tool. It helps in scheduling the content for social media and marketing using hashtag. It also manages the post from sources and you can merge them to reschedule.

LinkedIn SlideShare - It a networking site where you can share your knowledge. Many content marketers use this tool for new information for the content. It have 40 categories of content and approx 20 million uploads takes place. If you are searching for the content by expert then it is the best tool. - It is among the top choice for content curation. You can create online newspapers using facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube and many more. It is one of the simplest tool to publish and share the content on social media sites.

Waywire Enterprise - It is a cloud-based video curation tool. It is a powerful online video tool that provides scalable and cost effective way to compliment the videos. You can create marketing videos to engage your audience.

MyCurator - It is a plugin of WordPress that includes cloud AI module to classify the articles. You can add your own comments and insights by getting the valuable content.

Kapost - To can add your content with one click by simply adding the Curata account to Kapost.You can edit and repusblish your content with the help of Kapost.

Listly - It give the insight to find create, find and share the beautiful list and you can increase the engagement of audience using this tool. An extension for chrome, Plugin for WordPress and a bookmarklet is available to create and to make a list.

RebelMouse - Using RebelMouse, one can publish the content very quickly. You can easily get more audiences with social publishing.

Sniply - It enables the user to add a call-to-action option which directly leads to increase the web traffic. By using this tool, you can also share the content of other’s people. Getting more returns by including a link back is the best way to increase traffic.

Themeefy - If you want to learn, teach and curate then Themeefy is the best tool. It is perfect for the people who just started blogging and marketing.

Post Planner - This tool helps in finding the relevant content. You can also search for the content on various social website. By following few easy steps, you can repost the best content.

Newsle - it is an ordinary tool for content curation. One cannot miss the real and relevant news by using this tool.

Quora - A place where you can get answers from experts and where you can ask questions. On Quora, you can get the curated content as it provides you the quality content on unlimited topics. Because of this reason many top seo companies are using this tool for content marketing.

There is a long list of content curation tools and we cannot say which one is the best tool. But you can use these tools as per your needs.

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