Is It Worth Prioritizing SEO in 2024? Hear the Expert’s Opinion.



The online world is constantly changing, and we wonder if SEO will still be relevant in 2024. This article will answer this question with robust facts and expert opinions.

The foundation of SEO

SEO is all about following the basic principles to rank your website on search engines. Search engines constantly change their rules to give a better user experience to their audience. For example, Google updates.

An SEO aspirant must keep himself updated with these rules and adhere to them strictly to increase the probability of his website ranking on search engines.

Ranking factors:

Website ranking factors, as per search engine algorithms, are content relevance, user experience, mobile friendliness, and site authority.

Recent updates also consider user intent and context to give a more personalised experience to the audience.

Impact of AI on SEO:

AI turns out to be a game changer for SEO because it has a significant impact on search engine algorithms.

Search engines are using AI to give precise and relevant search results. It is also used for analysing user behaviour and understanding queries with precision.

This will make SEO more relevant and important in 2024. The prerequisite to getting your website ranked in 2024 is to provide quality content and provide the best user experience.

Best SEO Practices of 2024

Creating top-notch content relevant to the user's intent is the foremost priority in SEO 2024. Other than that, create robust backlinks to increase the website's authority.

Your SEO strategies must align with voice searches, semantic searches, and artificial intelligence in 2024.

SEO is always relative, which means you need to keep yourself updated and put in the best practices with the best efforts to keep your website's competitive edge sharp.

Keep looking for updates in search engine algorithms and keep SEO practices incongruent with the change.

Priority in 2024

In 2024, search engines will place an increased emphasis on user experience and content relevance.

With increased voice searches and mobile users, the algorithm is prioritizing content optimized for voice searches and mobile-friendly websites.

This breaks the traditional pattern of SEO, and now experts are paying more attention to keeping the website mobile-friendly and optimizing for voice searches.

SEO Freelancers  and website owners are focusing on these two factors to stay competitive in SERPs.

Data Insights:

According to DemandSag, a large portion of website traffic comes from organic search; it is around 53.3% of the total web searches.

Also, 68% of users begin their online experience with a search engine, which highlights the significant role of search in all online activities. (Source: Intergrowth).

Future projections indicate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.54% from 2024 to 2031 for the SEO industry across the globe. (Source: DemandSage).

Mobile Influence:

The role of mobile phones in accessing the internet will be significant in 2024, with 92.1% of internet users using mobile phones. (Source: DemandSage).

In the USA, a total of 63% of Google organic search traffic comes from mobile phones. It shows the dominance of mobile phones over other devices in web searches. (Source: DemandSage).

Along with mobile friendliness, the webpage speed on mobile devices is crucial. As per studies, the attention span and patience of users are plummeting.

40% of users leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to upload. (Source: DemandSage).

User Habits and Search Dynamics:

Understanding user behaviour is very important for SEO in 2024, with 75% of users rarely going beyond the first page of a Google search result. (Source: DemandSage)

The first organic search result on Google gets around 31.24% of clicks, highlighting the importance of getting the first position in Google search results.

It is interesting that 40% of the searches are new, showing the dynamic nature of online searches. (Source: Intergrowth).

Also, around 8% of the total searches are in the form of questions. (Source: Intergrowth)

Voice Search Projections:

With expected improvements in technology, experts predict an increase in voice searches, anticipated to touch 2 billion per month by 2024 (source: Forbes).

Fascinating Metrics:

If we get deeper into the website dynamics, we will understand that 95% of the websites do not have any backlinks. (Source: OnTheMap)

The average word count of the webpages ranking in Google search results is 1447 words. (Source: OnTheMap)

Also, the closing rate of leads generated by SEO is 15%. (Source: OnTheMap)

Bonus Insights:

In the field of marketing, 60% of experts believe that leads generated by inbound marketing that include SEO content are the best source of high-quality leads.

Around 70% of marketers give preference to SEO over PPC to generate sales. (Source: Intergrowth).

Competition is inevitable in SEO because the top 3 search results get 54.4% of total clicks. (Source: Intergrowth).


With the introduction of AI, SEO will be more significant in 2024 to keep your website relevant to your audience. Search engine algorithms are still relying on SEO to understand, rank, and decide the authority of websites.

With ever-changing trends and continuous updates, SEO is essential for your website's success.

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