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To the naked eye, white gold and platinum look identical, which prompts consumers to ask what the differences are. The following article describes the differences between white gold and platinum and details the various pros and cons of each material.

sterling silver engagement rings melbourne

Sterling silver is the name given to an alloy that is comprised of approximately 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% consists of additional metals. Similar to gold, there are no 100% pure silver jewellery items in circulation, as silver is far too soft on its own to be suitable for every day or even occasional use.

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Promise rings are a tangible representation of devotion between couples at the beginning of a relationship. As the name implies, the ring is a promise that one person will love the other forever. It must be noted, however, that unlike an engagement ring, a promise ring does not indicate the person’s intention to marry the other.

diamond engagement rings melbourne

Suffering accidental damage to your jewellery isn’t a rare thing, especially for items that are worn on a daily basis, such as engagement rings. There are numerous ways in which your cherished items can become scratched, tarnished, torn and broken. Here’s a list of the most common ways that jewellery is damaged and how best to protect them.

diamond engagement rings melbourne

When shopping for gold jewellery, you are likely to come across the three most common colours of gold; yellow, white and rose gold. This article discusses the various qualities of white gold and answers some of the more frequently asked questions surrounding it.

engagement rings melbourne

When you think of a marriage proposal, your mind immediately conjures up images of an iconic and romantic backdrop and an emotional partner pledging their undying devotion to their soulmate, before revealing the true embodiment of their feelings for that person, the engagement ring.

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If you’re in the process of buying an engagement ring for that special someone, you may already have your heart set on buying them a diamond engagement ring. After all, the majestic diamond is synonymous with grand occasions, such as engagements and weddings. 

Choosing the right diamond cut for your engagement ring

An engagement ring is one of the most significant and symbolic purchases you will ever have to make in your lifetime, but with a such an abundance of different styles available, choosing the right one for your partner can be a little intimidating. This article discusses the various aspects of diamonds such as cuts, shapes and which ones are best suited to which types of fingers.

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An engagement ring is one of the most significant (and first of many!) expensive purchases you’re going to make for your darling bride-to-be. Here’s a list of 10 essential tips to help ensure that you select the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Sapphire rings

Sapphire always possesses allure. Admirers laud the stone for its exciting color, and sapphire finds its place in museums, crown jewels, and even in the royal engagement rings of modern times. It's one of the gemstones that continues to stand the test of time, retaining its popularity through the centuries.

Things You Need To Know Before Buy Engagement Ring

An engagement is a special occasion in every one’s life. It is the special day when two souls embark towards their journey of togetherness. For a girl, the day is full of heartfelt emotions. 


Astrology talks about 9 gemstones in total corresponding to the planets in the universe. All of these gemstones have their own importance and powers by the virtue of which they have an effect on the human life. Blue sapphire is one such gemstone which is also known as Neelam. 


Emerald is one of the three main gemstones in the world. The other two being rubies and sapphires. The gorgeous color of emerald is normally associated with royalty. The stunning green of the emerald gemstone blends well gold or silver and makes the piece look rich.

Yellow Sapphire, Pukhraj Stone

The glittery stones also known as gems are derived from our bountiful and plentiful mother earth. Gems possess the quality of throwing someone from riches to rags and vice versa. One such powerful and the proficient gem is Yellow Sapphire which is also known as Pukhraj in India. 

Why are Diamonds Costly Especially in the Case of Jewelry

Diamonds are everyone's favorite. There are many people who dream of buying diamond jewelry. But the high price of the diamond does not let everyone fulfills their dream. There are many people who compromise their dream because of the high price of the diamond sets

Ways to Make Your Jewelry Last Longer

We rely on jewels a lot for enhancing our aesthetic appeal. However the truth is that of you don’t keep them well, they have the probability to get damaged easily, leaving you with a need to get another rather sooner. 

Ancient diamond

For most of the people, diamonds are just a precious stone that is used for making various delicate and beautiful ornaments such as diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets or diamond rings in India. But none of us has ever wondered the history of these beautiful yet strong jewellery stones

Everyone loves diamonds but very few people know much about them. There are hardly any people who are aware of the fact that diamonds are of two types: Real color and Synthetic colored

Wedding Rings

You may be engaged or about to get married, but do you know why we exchange rings? What are the traditions behind wedding rings? Have you informed about its significance?


Jewelers see a lot of men coming to buy jewelry with no clue about the jewelry at all. Though the scenario has changed and even men wear jewelry nowadays, but the number of these men is still a minority. 

Engagement Ring Shopping

So you are thinking of proposing? Sounds like your call to look for an engagement ring, but how to purchase one? Confused! Well, don't be, it's not a rocket science