5 Of The Most Magnificently Engineered Timepieces


Smart watches are becoming an ever present in the timepiece world, taking the appreciation for genuine timepieces to another level. More and more people are now appreciating the beauty and magnificence of a handcrafted timepiece, with horological built watches taking the forefront in such a move. The new revolution of technology has benefitted us through various different types of things, however in the timepiece world, smart technology is something we can live without. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most magnificent engineered timepieces.

The MB&F Thunderbolt

The designer, Maximilian Büsser is truly a pioneer in the timepiece world. Büsser and his team have explored different avenues in order to craft some of the most luxuriously, beautiful watches, with ‘out-of-this’ world technical precision. Classed as one of their greatest watches, each technical component is placed there precisely in order to produce such an aesthetically pleasing watch. There are twin conical cylinders used, which mirrors double engines, which were designed in the past. Both with an important feature, the MB&F Thunderbolt has everything.

The Pininfarina Bovet Ottana Tourbillon

It isn’t difficult to believe that the Pininfarina has a close relation to a luxury car, as many other watch brands have previously done. The Pininfarina are a luxury car designer who have designed for cars for the likes of Ferari, Rolls-Royce and Maserati. As we know these cars are technically brilliant and so is the Pinifarina Bovet Ottana Tourbillon. Everything from the appearance to the technical engineering will dazzle everyone in its way.

U-Boat U-42 Unicum 8088

U-Boat have a distinct feature compared to other watches. Some of the materials included are rare, thriving off of the Swiss movements. Each and every timepiece is developed using skilled craftsman and with such unique techniques, U-Boat watches have become renowned all over the world. U-Boat try to include new ideas, devices and methods into each and every timepiece, turning U-Boat into innovators in the timepiece world.

HD3 Complication Black Pearl

The HD3 Complication Black Pearl watch is reminiscent of a futuristic device. There are various methods implicated into the timepiece, so that telling the time is divided into different components, with the hours on the left and the minutes placed at the top, but centrally. It has features of bi-axial tourbillon and is said to take inspiration from the pirate era, as you can see through the red and black complexion. It is incredibly technical and rare with the amount of different pieces added.

Knot 0Hundred

If you want something that is horological, contemporary and timeless, the Knot 0Hundred timepiece is exactly what you’re looking for. The outer dial is used in order to display the hour, with the dials on the inside monitoring the minutes. Similar to the HD3 Complicated Black Pearl, the technical brilliance is highlighted through the appearance. The time is monitored through through a smooth transitioned rolling slot. This is more than just a timekeeper; it is also a fashion statement.

The following are only a selection of watches for you to choose from. If you truly would like something luxurious, valuable and beautiful both in and out, watches like these are perfect. No matter what luxury watch you choose, you’ll find the same attention taken to the technical details, as well as the design. Each will offer you something different, which could include tourbillon, chronographs or Swiss movements. It is truly worth the investment and its add a longevity that the likes of smart watches cannot match with the consist releases of new models and new technology. Luxury watches will never be replaced not even with bigger brands releasing smart watches. 

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