Express Your Love with Tanzanite Jewelry

Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Express the love of your life with young and romantic stone which is one of the rarest gemstones discovered in 2000 years. Tanzanite, the most enchanting and enthralling gemstone is extremely popular and highly prized because of its captivating aura. This brilliant gemstone boasts opulent blue and purple hue which is loved by everyone and is popular all over the world. Gift your beloved captivating tanzanite jewelry which will always remain a timeless treasure!

Flaunt Your Love with Tanzanite Jewelry

tanzanite pendantTanzanite is believed to bring lovers close to each other. If you prefer rarity and luxury then tanzanite is the most lavish and magnificent stone. Express your deepest emotions of affection towards your love by presenting her spectacular tanzanite jewelry. Propose your sweetheart with tanzanite ring, earrings, pendant or bracelet and make the moment special and unforgettable. Just live and flaunt your love.



Glorious History of Tanzanite

tanzanite gemstone historyTanzanite, being one of the most important gemstones in the history of mankind, has a beautiful folklore. Incredible and tantalizing, tanzanite is found only at one place on earth - in the African state of Tanzania. In 1967, this alluring and striking blue-violet gemstone was discovered which the world had never seen before. Since its discovery, Masai communities have created their own mythologies about the origin of this extraordinary gemstone. Tanzanite is available in different varieties – green tanzanite, purple tanzanite and Bondi Blue tanzanite. This brilliant gemstone has a multi-dimensional color property ie. it displays three different colors when seen from different directions.

Tanzanite Jewelry: Gift for Someone You Love

Gift your loved ones genuine tanzanite jewelry whether it is a ring, a pair of earrings, pendant or bracelets. You can never go wrong with tanzanite. Gifting tanzanite is an exclusive and elegant choice as it makes the wearer feel confident and adds a touch of royalty with its purplish blue hue. This special gemstone is also a birthstone for December month and a special gift for 24th wedding anniversary. With a limited supply of tanzanite, this breath-taking gemstone is considered as an heirloom that can be passed down to generations. Tanzanite jewelry is a must-have in one’s precious line of accessories. Some of the tanzanite jewelry that possess great fan following are:

tanzanite jewerly collection

  • Ring - While buying ring for your partner, make sure to look for the shape of the ring. The cut determines the stone shape and brilliance. Tanzanite can be cut in most basic shapes like oval, cushion, pear, round, emerald, marquise and trilliant. You can choose as per the taste of your beloved or what suits her most.
  • Necklace - You can look out for tanzanite necklaces for your beloved that will transform her entire look for a party. Tanzanite necklaces instantly serve as the focal point of attention. The captivating and lustrous tanzanite neckwear will elevate her fashion quotient to another level.
  • Pendant - Accentuate her look by gifting her gorgeous tanzanite studded pendant. Making a lasting impression, the vibrant sizzle and dazzle of tanzanite pendant will add a dash of captivating charm to her persona.
  • Earrings - Look out for stunning and lustrous tanzanite earrings to dazzle her look. Mesmerizing tanzanite earrings – stud, hoop and cluster can be selected to suit her dynamic personality and classy taste. Tanzanite earrings will glamorize her look and add grace to her persona. Your beloved is surely going to create ripples in the crowd with a pair of exotic tanzanite earrings.
  • Bracelet - Complete her look with the tanzanite studded bracelets which will add irresistible charm and glamour to her wrist. These bracelets give an exotic look that every woman will want to show off. Show your love to your beloved by gifting her alluring bracelets that is surely going to win her loads of compliments from everyone.

Tanzanite is a unique and perfect blend of modern yet majestic flair. It is the most flawless gemstone that speaks to you and makes your heart sing.

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