7 Must-Have Apps for College Students


Your college years may be filled with exciting new experiences, and you can grow a lot as an individual during these years. However, college is also a stressful time in many ways. From learning how to manage your finances properly and adjusting to life on your own to managing a busy school schedule and more, you need all of the help that you can get.

With the right combination of useful apps, you may be able to reduce your stress level, save time and focus more attention on your school work. These are some of the most useful apps that you can benefit from in your college years.


myHomework Student Planner

Most college students take multiple classes at one time with due dates on various assignments and papers flying by at all times. Staying on top of all the tasks might be challenging for some students.

If you have trouble keeping up with all of your assignments and projects for each class that you are enrolled in, myHomework Student Planner is an excellent resource to use. It is available in a free or paid version for most devices. Both versions give you notifications and alerts when projects or assignments are due soon. The paid version lets you attach files and enjoy other benefits.



GoConqr is a huge network of educational resources that students can benefit from during all aspects of their college career. It can help you become a better student and save you a substantial amount of time by giving you easy access to quality educational tools.

You can access more than eight million resources on a wide range of topics. These resources include mind maps, notes, flashcards and more, enabling you to take your learning experience to a new level. You can even post your own content to share with others in a public or private platform.



Making lists is an excellent way to help you stay organized and on task, and Wunderlist is an excellent list-making app. You can do everything from making a grocery list to making a project list for your study group. Lists can be sent to other devices and even shared with others with ease.

This is a free app that is only available with Apple products. When you use Wunderlist, you can eliminate the issue of losing or misplacing lists, and you will have access to a list from any location.



For college students who struggle with budgeting, the Goodbudget app gives you a high-tech version of the envelope system to manage your finances.

Goodbudget has financial management applications, goal-making tools, graphs and more. You can link all of your financial accounts to the app so you can simplify managing your finances. This is a free app that is available for Android and Apple products, and it can work across multiple devices.



If you struggle with your works cited or references page in reports and projects, RefMe is an excellent resource for you to use.  You simply scan barcodes of books you used for your assignment, and your works cited page will be automatically created for you.

The app gives you the ability to choose between a full range of citation methods for maximum functionality. It can eliminate your stress in this area while also helping you to avoid losing points related to citation and reference errors.



Many college students struggle to listen to what is being said in class while also writing notes. If you are challenged by the note-taking process, SoundNote is a wonderful app that can help you to improve your educational experience.

You simply turn the app on at the beginning of class. It records audio while you take notes, and you can replay the audio while reviewing your notes. This can dramatically improve your overall ability to study and understand concepts covered in class.


Circle of 6

The Circle of 6 app is well-suited for groups of friends who may lose contact with each other while out at clubs or parties. You can connect your phones together through the app, and a GPS function lets you track your friends while they track your location. There is also an emergency one-button alert feature. This app will help keep you safe while you are out and about with your friends.


Final Thoughts

While you could walk through your college years trying to manage all aspects of your life manually, you can see that this is not necessary. Through a combination of each of these apps, you can improve your life in many areas. Each has the ability to reduce your stress, save you time or benefit you in other ways. Analyze your student life today to see which areas you need to improve in most substantially before you start trying out different apps.

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