How to Start Your Urban Garden

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Making your own urban garden is simpler than it may seem. With a few basic tips, you will achieve a productive garden, very beautiful and free of pests. If you want to add a new experience in your life and feel the enriching feeling that comes with consuming your own food. Then you cannot miss today's article.

Start your Urban Garden

The first step is to decide where you want to start your urban garden. It will depend a lot on the size of the containers and what plants you want to grow. To select a site well, firs,t think that it has to meet a couple of requirements.

Good sunlight exposure: at least 5 hours of sun a day. Moreover, a point of watering: in the case of an urban garden. The most common is a reservoir where we can water for our irrigation efficiently. The most common places to establish your urban garden are corners of lawn or yard with little use, balconies, and terraces.


The issue of water availability is very important. Because without it, our plants will never reach an expected growth. A good tip is to water with a garden hose reel, so the water lasts longer and no water is mislaid in excess. Another option is drip irrigation. In that case, we would need to invest some money. Nevertheless, in the end, it is the most economical because it spends very little water and keeps moisture longer.

Culture medium

Once we have decided where to grow and the irrigation method, the next step is to decide the culture medium. The possibilities are to grow in pots or in a cultivation table.

From my point of view, whatever the choice, it is always interesting to have a cultivation table not only for comfort when it comes to work, but also because it is very useful for certain plants. That do not require so much space or depth.

What about plants?

When everything is ready to decide what we want to cultivate. For this, we will have a notepad or a paper and in this, we will write what we would like to cultivate. Once we have the list done we only need to know if it is seasonal or not. For that, we can use Sowing Calendar.

The plants that I recommend, if it is your first experience, for their ease of cultivation are Parsley, cilantro, basil, lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes, and peppers.


The oil in this bush is heavenly to most humans but unpleasant to insects. It is an attractive plant in the gardens, requires little water and is also delicious when it is used for cooking meats, soups, and egg dishes.


This plant has a lemon smell that insects hate and with a little patience you can grow it from stems that are sold in the market. Keep in mind that this plant is tropical so it does not tolerate cold temperatures.


This perennial plant has a silvery foliage and can be grown in full sun. The pungent odor keeps mosquitoes at bay.


This is the part that I like the least but the most important. So that your garden stays alive, green and rewards. Your effort gives you the result. When you have to take care of it day by day. Water it, keep it free of weeds, provide nutrients when the soil needs it and control pests.

It may seem a lot. However, in reality, with 10 minutes a day, you will achieve everything with little effort. Finally, the best thing is that this activity is relaxing and can improve your mood.

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