How to Save on your Car Rental Deals?

Car Rental

To save on car rental, make sure to return the vehicle in the contracted time, otherwise, if you go over the hour you could pay the rental for an additional day, based on the 24-hour rental policy.

Clarify the rule on fuel charges before booking. Some companies will ask you to return the car with a full tank, while some will advise you to leave the fuel at the level of how they gave it for the first time, and others will tell you to leave it empty.

So, let learn some tips on how to save on car rental from the following points:


In the event that you are asked to leave the tank empty, it is good to know the capacity of the tank in liters that way you will know if they are charging you the deposit correctly.

Normally in these cases, the car rental company makes a profit because sometimes they apply a generic value for all cars, and not all models have the same capacity. The conditions of empty or full choose the rent a car, in any case, you must check the fuel level before leaving the venue.


Diesel fuel is somewhat cheaper than gasoline in many European countries. When they give you the car keys, double-check the scratches, to ensure that you don't pay anything on your return.

Check the spare wheel, jack, warning triangle (2 required in some countries) and fluorescent jackets are present. Make sure you have your driver's license with you. Check the contact details in case of breakdown. Make sure you have the rental papers with you at all times, in case of being stopped by the police they will ask for them.


Also clarify when making the reservation if there is a reception area, either in the airport arrivals terminal or in the parking lot. Try not to depend on someone holding your name who may or may not be present upon your arrival, forcing you to have to chase company employees with a phone call.

Make sure the comprehensive coverage you include covers theft, sometimes comprehensive means different things in different countries.

Check the extra charges before booking, for example, child seats, satellite navigation, DVD players, snow chains, and the costs of the luggage rack. Read the terms and conditions of the rental contract before booking online. Find out about the additional driver charge, you should know if it includes the second driver, you never know when it may be necessary for another person to drive.


For added security, it is best to remove all obvious signs from the car, as many thefts occur when people identify as short-stay tourists.

Make a record when leaving the airport, see that your car is meeting the levels on the wheels, there are opportunistic thieves who take advantage of this excuse of the tire so that you get out of the car and they can steal you.


Despite the fact that most rental companies include "full insurance", the excess you will have to pay if the car is damaged or stolen will be anything from € 600 to € 1,500.

To avoid this, you can take out a full-risk insurance policy that eliminates the value of the franchise. It compensates you for damage to the vehicle, covers tires, windows, and underbody - areas that are generally not covered by rental company policies.


You are likely to find better prices through wholesale websites and not directly with major distributors who tend to target business rental, while wholesalers are more competitive. Local businesses are worth considering where destinations are typically cheaper.

Make sure you get a signature when you return the vehicle to the car rental office, so that no one can claim damages caused by you later, or they can charge your credit card for un-caused damages, we recommend that you take a photo with your car status mobile.

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