Avoiding Scams During This Travel Season

travel scams

Traveling helps us explore the world, enjoy life a little more, inspire us to achieve our desires, and overcome difficulties. Our need to discover new things and make connections drives us to travel, but it can also be used against us.

No matter how much you enjoy your trip, it takes only one scam to ruin your vacation. With the rise of cybersecurity threats, tourists and travelers have even more to worry about during their journeys. Now, it’s easy to get scammed by accessing the wrong Wi-Fi or not paying attention to what ads display.

It’s not just your surroundings that you need to be aware of anymore. Fortunately, you can prepare for most things by staying informed. Here is what you should know about avoiding scams during this travel season and in the future.

False Advertisement

That Airbnb with the enticing swimming pool that caught your eye as you were browsing for an online stay? It may be a sham. Deceptive advertisements can be incredibly subtle. A property might showcase stunning photos of certain amenities, but in reality, the accommodation may not provide these services.

They might have pictures of the swimming pool, but when you get there, it may not work. That is why checking for reviews beforehand and paying attention to the listed services is crucial. If you find yourself in such a situation, report it to the platform, demand a refund, and search for another place. Keep in mind that there are also fake booking websites that use addresses similar to those of legitimate booking sites.

“It’s Not Working” Scam

Some rental properties subtly scam people by informing them that some facilities are not working and need to be fixed. For example, you might not have access to hot water, and the host lets you know some work on the pipes has to be done. This may or may not be accurate, but it isn’t your responsibility. If they can’t provide you with an exact time for when the issue will be fixed, get a refund and move on.

Fake QR Codes & Unsafe Wi-Fi

QR codes have many uses but can also be used for scams like phishing. You may scan them to view a menu, hotel offer, or something else, but you might be redirected to a fake website that can steal your personal information.

To prevent this, check for any signs of tampering. A fake QR code might be placed on top of the original. See who the source/sender is and preview the URL, but do not open it. If the URL and brand coincide, it might be safe.

Similarly, beware of public Wi-Fi. This type of connection may be unsafe, and you never know who is behind the network. To make your connection more secure and to gain anonymity, use a personal VPN. Moreover, some VPNs also come with antivirus features.

Overpriced Services

Getting your money's worth is one of the most significant issues you will face when traveling. Often, services might be overpriced, especially in popular tourist destinations. For example, some touring services are legit and informative, while others might be scams. To be safe, ask for some offers through a travel agency to visit certain places. If you are already traveling with an agency, you can ask for a tour offer at your hotel.

However, are plane tickets or accommodations always the best price you can get? You can check hotel and flight prices before reserving them to get an idea of what you are about to spend. Yet, these websites can collect your data via cookies and capitalize on your traveling needs by raising prices. You can use a VPN to change your geo-location and check flights at possibly different price tags. If your travel agency or hotel offers you touring services in nearby areas, that too can be overpriced. It may be wise to have a few options to compare the prices and what you get for your money. Esim comparison can also help in ensuring you get the best deal on mobile connectivity, potentially saving you money while traveling


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