How to Prepare For a Trip to Vietnam?


Who are you in the adventure? Are you the one who puts everything in the backpack or the one who just brings very few things? Of course, luggage does not say everything about your trip. However, careful preparation can sometimes save your adventure. 

Now, it’s time to get a piece of paper and take some notes for your adventure in Vietnam! 

Adventure in Vietnam with 5 Easy Steps

When to travel? 

Travel whenever you are ready! Vietnam rarely has natural disasters. Weather conditions are also mild and pleasant, so you can start your trip anytime. 

What you should care about is when each destination looks its best. For example, if you want to travel to the Northwest, travel in the spring can bring you more joy. You can watch flowers bloom all the way. Or, if you plan on hiking in the mountains, avoid the rainy seasons because slippery roads will bother you.

Where to go?

Choosing a destination is essential for your preparation. Why? Because each place requires different preparations.

Before every trip, please check the weather, infrastructure, food, and culture of your destination. Don't bring bathing suits for the mountains or bring sweaters for the sea. Besides, instant noodles are also necessary if local cuisine may not suit your taste.

What to bring? 

Taking too few things with you can create problems in your way. Yet, adventure is not moving house. You don't need to pack all your stuff. Here are the most important that you have to bring:

❖    Money

You do not need to be rich to go on an adventure. However, adventure requires money. You should have some money in your pocket in case ATMs are not available.

❖    Passport

You have to take your passport with you. Besides, if you are on a motorbike tour, make sure to include your driving license and vehicle registration card. They will help you avoid trouble with the police.

❖    Backpack

Depending on the destination and the length of the trip, you can consider choosing an appropriate backpack. You should pick up the one that is capacious, waterproof, and durable. Remember to try it on to see if it fits your back and height.

❖    Phone

During the adventure holiday, a smartphone will help you to do a lot of things. You can track the way and take photos with it. In case of an emergency, you can contact hotlines and ask for help. 

❖    Compass and map

What happens if your phone breaks down or the connection is lost? Don’t worry! A compass or a map will help you to find the way. As a result, they are still very essential for adventurers, despite the GPS global positioning system.

❖    Tent and sleeping bag

A tent or a sleeping bag gives you a chance to immerse yourself in nature. The tent must be airy and waterproof. A-shaped and umbrella-shaped tents are the most popular ones with varied sizes. 

❖    Raincoat

Do not think raincoats are only useful in the rain. If the weather is too cold, raincoats can keep your body warmer than windbreakers can. Some adventurers also use raincoats as sleeping bags.

❖    Waterproof shoes

Sandals cannot cover your feet completely. Normal sports shoes are uncomfortable if they get wet. So, water-resistant shoes are the perfect options for your adventure.

❖    Medical kit

A change in weather can make you sick. Or you could get hurt on the road. Medical kits will keep your trip uninterrupted.

❖    Personal effects

Although you are on a trip, you also need toothbrushes, towels, soap and many more. Insect repellent and sunscreen should be included. Just put all of them in the small compartment of your backpack.

❖    Food and drink supply

No starving with these provisions! 

What kind of food and drink is portable? Well, make sure that there are always noodles, bread, sausages and water in your backpack before you can find a grocery store.

❖    Multi-purpose tools (knife, rope, lighter…)

They are small, convenient and useful in many cases. For example, you can use a knife to cook or chop the trees; lighter gives you light and you can also use it to create some signals, calling for help.

Take care of your motorcycle 

What is the most important thing for an adventure? Right, it is a motorcycle. Nothing is worse than having the motorbike, your companion, broken down in the middle of the road, isn't it? Therefore, you must ensure that the quality of your motorcycle is completely reliable.

❖    Motorbike maintenance

Before the trip, prepare your motorcycle carefully. Pay attention to every part such as tires, brakes, viscosity, spark plugs, lights, and even saddle. All must be in the best state. Do not forget to install both rearview mirrors as well!

❖    Toolbag

It is OK if you are not a professional motorcycle mechanic. Joining Vietnam motorbike tours can help you with these kinds of problems. If you cannot, the tool bag assists you in simple tasks such as screwing, changing lights, spark plugs or fuses.

You should also reserve lights, spark plugs and fuses in case some accessories are damaged in deserted areas. You can do it yourself since replacing these parts is not so hard.

Last But Not Least: Get Yourself Ready 

All material preparation is not as good as preparation for yourself. You must be in a good physical and mental condition to be able to fully experience your adventure. Do regular exercise so that you are strong enough for every trip. And as soon as you start, just give up all worries in life. 

Just go and enjoy it! Vietnam is such an interesting country that you hardly discover all its aspects. Yet, an adventure in Vietnam is not difficult as long as you are ready!

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