How to Get Insurance for Your Antique Motorcycle?

cover your antique bike

Do you own a classic motorcycle? If so, it is very likely that you have put lots of money, work and time into your bike. Of all those things, you could get protection for your money if you invest in a good vintage motorcycle insurance policy.

Why You Need Coverage for Antique Motorcycles?

Whether you have a vintage, classic or old motorcycle insurance policy, you will get to benefit from extensive agreed value protection as well as save lots of money on the annual premium.

Motorcycle owners are required to have liability insurance in most states. This type of insurance can cover the property damage or bodily injuries that result from an accident. However, it will not protect your classic or vintage motorcycle if it’s damaged, so you will have to buy a policy that covers these bikes.

Types of Policies:

Agreed Value Protection: The value of collector motorcycles usually appreciates so it is important to get a classic motorcycle insurance that can cover the full value of your bike. When you get an agreed value policy, the total insured value of the motorcycle will be paid in the event of a complete loss.

Collision: Will pay for damages regardless of who is at fault for a collision.

Liability: This can cover property or bodily injury if you should hit a car, fence or pedestrian. However, if this is a 50cc scooter which can rarely cause property damage, so this may not be necessary.

Comprehensive Coverage: You should purchase this policy if your motorcycle is a right museum piece and you have it to display and not to ride. This coverage will be very affordable, and it will pay the agreed amount if the bike is stolen or maybe damaged by fire, flood or any other disaster.

Full Coverage: You can get liability coverage for an antique motorcycle if you just enjoy riding your vintage bike. It will pay for property damage or bodily injury that you might cause with the motorcycle.

Underinsured/Uninsured Coverage: You can also purchase this policy that will give protection in the event of accidents which involve underinsured or at-fault uninsured motorists.

MedPay: This will cover all medical costs regardless of who is at fault.

Comprehensive coverage will generally include collision, liability, uninsured, theft and vandalism. It is the type of insurance that is needed if you had to take out a loan on the bike itself. Whether it is the right insurance for you will depend on your particular needs. For most people, MedPay is an excellent choice as accidents will likely harm the driver more than the bike.

Finding Affordable Antique Motorcycle Insurance:

You will be glad to know that a vintage motorcycle insurance policy is not overly expensive. As a matter of fact, this type of motorcycle insurance can be cheaper than the standard ones at times because they are considered as low-risk policies by some companies.

When you are looking for affordable bike coverage, you will discover that every company does not offer it, but it’s still readily available. The shopping process can be simple as well. Most providers that offer this motorcycle insurance will allow you to request quotes online. You should try to compare at least three different quotes to ensure that you are getting the right policy for the best price. There are a lot of comparison sites online where you can request free quotes and take advantage of it as you don't require to swipe your credit card for such service. You can always compare the rate and take the most informed decision.

Lastly, you should do your research ahead of time and ask all the necessary questions to get an antique motorcycle insurance that is best-suited for your needs.

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