7 Reasons To Upgrade Your Critical Illness Insurance Now


Living down under, surrounded by gorgeous coastlines and plenty of sunshine, can sometimes allow us to focus on the good life and take our health for granted. It is easy to get lost in the hustle of daily life, but unforeseen circumstances can sometimes pull the rug from under our feet. This is why we wanted to bring up a subject that we don’t talk about enough: critical illness insurance. 


Many Australians may already have it, but have they checked it? We don’t even need a survey to tell us that most people probably don’t read the terms of their own insurance policies, but maybe it is time we did. Reviewing our insurance is something we should learn to integrate into our lives because most people only find out that they don’t have enough when it is too late. So, here are seven reasons why you should consider upgrading your critical illness insurance policy now.


  1. An ever-changing health landscape – The medical world constantly changes, and our understanding of health and disease gets more in-depth daily. This means that there might be things on insurance policies now that were unheard of the day you took yours out. 
  2. Our evolving financial responsibilities – As time passes, it seems that our outgoings get more and more. If you haven’t reviewed your critical illness insurance in a while, you might want to check that the payout is still enough to cover all additional outgoings. 
  3. The inflation factor – Another downer about life is the price of everything constantly increasing. If the payout on your insurance was set for someone in the 80s, it wouldn’t exactly live up to much now. 
  4. Age and premiums – It makes sense why insurance premiums increase with age, but this is a reason why you should never put it off. The longer you wait to update your critical insurance policy, the more your premiums will be.
  5. Comprehensive coverage options – Insurance providers are continually innovating their products. The newer the critical illness policy, the more add-ons and better features you are likely to have. 
  6. Shifts in personal health – A thing that nobody likes to admit is that their health at 35 is certainly not like it was at 25. Upgrading your policy means it can be tailored to the person you are now rather than the person you were then.
  7. Peace of mind – There aren’t many things on this planet that can give you the peace of mind that a good insurance policy can. If you are someone who doesn’t pay too much attention to your insurance, you will be shocked at how you feel when you finally do. Take it from us that insurance policies can make or break a person's world when they are at their most desperate, so it is always worth reviewing. 


Protecting your loved ones

Life may be beautiful, but she sure as hell can be equally as unpredictable. As Australians, we cherish our active lifestyle, the amenities around us, and all of the things that bring us joy. However, it’s imperative to plan for rainy days. Critical illness insurance supports you and your family if you’re ever approached with the unimaginable. 

Upgrading your critical insurance policy is a proactive step towards peace of mind and ensuring you and your loved ones have what you need to keep thriving through the harshest times life can throw your way. When it comes to insurance, it is always best to stay a few steps ahead of the game. 

Before upgrading, it's important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the new policy, compare it with your existing coverage, and consult with a financial advisor or insurance expert to ensure that the upgraded policy aligns with your needs and budget.

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