Know How to Pick the Best Motor Insurance

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You need to select a suitable motor insurance policy. Various policies have various features to offer. Different policies also come with different prices. Therefore, it is so crucial for you to do some research before you buy it. In this article, we have listed some handy tips for you. Look and know some great ways to select the best car insurance online.

Select the right cover

Car insurance is of two types – third party and comprehensive. A third-party cover, as the name implies, only proposes compensation for third party damages. A comprehensive extends all the third-party benefits and safeguards your vehicle. A third-party policy is lower compared to a comprehensive policy. You need to know your requirements. You will then be able to select the appropriate motor insurance plan for your vehicle.

Compare the insurance policy

You can compare car policy online. When you compare, you get to know of what other choices you have. Motor insurance review makes it easy for you to find and buy the best policy.

Look out for discounts

Four-wheeler insurance companies offer deals and discounts regularly. Ensure to always be on the lookout for these offers. If you happen to find a reasonable offer, your vehicle insurance expenses will drop significantly.

Verify your IDV

The crucial part of finding a good car insurance policy is doing the calculation correctly. There are many valuations in motor insurance. Among them is the IDV. Ensure your IDV gets calculated correctly as only then will you find a suitable cover as per your needs.

Go for good deductible alternative

The perfect car plan has the right balance between the deductible and the premium. So, select your voluntary deductible rationally to get the best out of the motor insurance policy that you buy.

Select the best add-ons

Add-on covers help you to customise your plan. A part of the motor insurance assessment is comparing these add-on options. Your overall 4-wheeler insurance becomes effective only when you have the best add-ons in your policy.

Verify the claim process

Purchasing a motor insurance policy is not enough. It should be able to deliver what is required the most – at the time of a claim. So, verify the claim process and be sure it is appropriate. This will help you in providing you with a good motor insurance cover.

Select a reputed insurer

Your car insurance policy’s value will depend on the insurer that issues it. To get the best plan, look for a reputed insurance provider. Your insurance provider should have an excellent customer support service and should also have a robust settlement record.

Verify the renewal process

Always check the renewal process. You should be able to renew your car insurance online instantly. Your insurance provider should provide this service.

Car insurance renewal is as crucial as purchasing a new cover. You can do so with LGI LivMobile App as well nowadays with their advanced features.

Read the terms and conditions carefully

If you follow these tips, you will certainly find the best motor insurance plan. Ensure to read the policy’s terms and conditions carefully before buying the policy. Do not buy a policy with half knowledge. Get all your questions cleared, and only then buy the car insurance policy.

Registered with automobile association

Those who are registered with notable automobile associations get discounts on motor insurance. This is one of the best reasons to get yourself registered if you have not yet.


Amidst so many identical plans, it is indeed challenging to find the best insurance policy in India. You need to study and understand all the parameters for arrive at the right insurance plan. Do not focus your selection of motor insurance solely on premiums.

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