How to Choose Safe Toddler Toys

Safe toddler toys

Most parents’ especially first-time parents are in a state of worry throughout the process or delivering and raising their babies. They are especially worried about the safety of their child to the extent of even changing their diet to ensure their children are getting every nutrient. 

As much as they care about the safety of their newborns, most of them don’t pay closer attention to the safety of the toys they buy. What most of the parents are not aware of is that buying toddler toys is a very serious process. There are several factors to consider and safety should be in the middle of it all. 

Giving your child smaller toys increases their risk of choke when they put them in their mouths and try to swallow them. The parents should also consider the fact that some toys are made using toxic materials that pose the risk of poisoning. 

Thankfully, there’s enough information online to guide every parent carefully through the process of buying a safe toddler toy. In some countries, the government and private stakeholders have ventured in to control the additives and the materials used in making toys. In the US for example, the government and agencies are committed to making sure all the toys out there are safe. 

No parent wants to deal with cases of poisoning or choking as a result of a recently bought toy. For that reason, we are here to help you buy safe toddler toys for your son or daughter. 
Common Toy related injuries

Defective or dangerous toys can lead to many toy-related injuries. Some of these injuries include:
• Poisoning 
• Contusions
• Burns
• Choking
• Contusions
• Abrasions
• Lacerations and more.

How to ensure the toddler toys you buy are safe

It’s the duty of every parent to make sure that all the toys they give to their children are safe. The good thing is that there are few guidelines that you can follow and buy safe toys for your child. Here is a list of tips and facts to follow when you are in the market buying toddler toys. 

Buy age-appropriate toys

This is number one consideration that will ensure the toys you buy are safe. Children at different ages will work well with different toys. You don’t have to buy your newborn baby balloons and small toys such as spider toys and insect toys that they can try to swallow.

Avoid damaged toys

Toys that are damaged increase the risk of choking and poisoning because there are many loose parts. To reduce instances of these risks, you should buy and use well-fitted toys. This begins from the time you are buying your toys, first check to see whether the toys are high quality.

Avoid cheap toys

Cheap toys are not safe and in most cases are defective. This means that when you are in the market, you should pay attention to the price. If the price is too good to be true, there are chances that the materials used are low quality and specifically risky.

Inspect toys regularly

Before you let your child play with the toy, you should spare some little time to inspect them. This way, you will notice all the defects and be able to correct them before you pass the toy to your child. In most cases, defective toys are poison and choking hazard.

Throw away small and unused parts of toys

If any part of the toy gets out, then you are supposed to throw it away. There are chances that your child will swallow these parts and cause a choking risk. They can be dangerous as well when they are swallowed. To reduce this risk, always get rid of such parts when they detach from the toys. 

Always read the instructions

Most toys come with an instruction book explaining how you can use the toy. The instructions will also guide you on the appropriate age of the user and what to do in case of any issues as the child is using it. For that reason, you are supposed to familiarize yourself with all these instructions as a way of understanding everything about the toy. 

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