How to Care for Long Wigs

How to Care for Long Wigs

A wig covers the head and is made of synthetic hair fibers or real human hair. Wigs are available for men and women and are usually worn to either conceal a bald head or to enhance one's look. Below we have listed some points on how to care for synthetic long wigs:

Synthetic Long Hair Wigs

Synthetic long hair wigs do not require very high maintenance and the best part is that they retain their original style even after being washed. Another advantage with synthetic hair wigs is that they are not affected by bad weather, so rest assured that you will always have a saloon look even in humid and rainy seasons. If you want that the wig lives its full life than we suggest that you use hair products such as hairsprays, shampoos and conditions that are meant only for synthetic hair wigs. Also note that being made of synthetic fibers the wig will get damaged if exposed to heat from a blow dryer, curling iron and also if you work too close to the oven in the kitchen.

Another point that you should keep in mind is not to wash wigs too often. Manufacturers suggest that you wash the wig after wearing it for 10-12 times. This is because each wash will decrease the life a wig. If you apply a lot of hair products then the wig will require being washed, so ideally do not apply too often products such as hairsprays or mousse.

Tips to remember when washing long synthetic hair wigs:

  • The first thing to do is to remove any tangles that your long wig might have with either your fingers or a brush. Do not try to brush wigs that are too tangled or curly.
  • Fill the washbasin with cold water and add synthetic hair shampoo and put the long hair wig inside it and allow soaking for at least 5 minutes.
  • Gently wash the long hair wigs inside the water by swirling it and not by rubbing it.
  • After it is washed you can rinse the wig under a tap with the water running. Shake off all the excess water and towel dry the wig by spreading it across the towel.
  • Put some synthetic hair conditioner on your fingers and apply it to the strands of the wig.
  • Now you can put the wig to dry naturally inside the room on a wig stand. Once the long hair wig is completely dry, you can proceed to brush the wig to give it the style you want.

Human Hair Wigs

Long hair wigs made from real human hair are considered to be the most premium wigs. It is possible to style human hair wigs in numerous ways, just like real hair. Because they are made from human hair you can expect them to last for a long time. But if you do not care for the wigs properly it is natural that they will not have a very long life. One of the major reasons of damage in wigs is due to incorrect washing methods or use of undesired products.

Tips to remember when washing long human hair wigs:

  • Just like in synthetic hair wigs you need to remove tangles from the wig with a comb.
  • After you have taken out all the tangles you have to rinse the wig in cold water. Never keep human hair wigs soaked in a basin.
  • Gently apply some shampoo to the wig with your fingers. You can use regular shampoo for human hair wigs.
  • After you have applied shampoo thoroughly to the wig wash or rinse it with cold water to wash away all the shampoo.
  • With a light hand, pat it dry to get all the excess water out of the wig. Don’t squeeze or wring the wig.
  • Let the wig air dry on a wig stand and once it is dried you can style it as you wish.

These are just some simple and generic tips for how to care for long wigs. If you want more information then you can ask the manufacturer or retailer from whom you are planning to buy a wig.

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