Keratin Hair Treatment For Your Frizzy, Lifeless Hair

Keratin Hair Treatment For Your Frizzy, Lifeless Hair

Hair is probably the first thing we notice while meeting somebody. A good lock of hair can instantly make anyone look more presentable. It can enhance personality without putting in any extra effort. Being the most prominent feature of a woman’s body, hair has always been a subject of admiration. 

Ever wondered why we have terms like ‘good hair day’ and ‘bad hair day’? It is because no matter how well your clothes are if your hair is unkempt, you don’t get the desired look. And on the other hand, a good lock of silky, shiny hair can attract anyone’s attention.

Imagine yourself decked up from top to toe in the best attire for an event, but your hair is unkempt. Would you look the way you imagined yourself to be? 

Obviously No! If you are looking for a solution for your rough, unmanageable hair, then Keratin Hair Treatment is the ideal option for you.

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is a type of protein found in hair, nails, and skin. A large part of our hair structure is made up of protein. It acts as a protective and repairing layer for our hair. It is present in the exterior cuticle and even in the internal cortex. Keratin is what imparts shine and silkiness to our hair. But with pollution, damaging sun rays, aging, and improper hair care routine, the protective layer of the hair gets destroyed. The keratin in hair gets compromised, which results in dry and frizzy hair.

Keratin treatment aids in replenishing the very same lost keratin. The treatment artificially adds keratin to hair to minimize the frizz and add shine. One thing to note here is that the treatment is not permanent. It starts fading with every wash. The effect can last from 4-6 months. But during the treatment period, your hair looks frizz-free and is easier to manage. 

What are The Steps Involved in a Keratin Treatment?

If you have made up your mind to get a hair keratin treatment done, you must be wondering how long the treatment takes place and what the steps are involved. The details given below will clear your doubts regarding the treatment.

Keratin Treatment for hair usually lasts 2-4 long hours, depending on your hair length and texture. So, it is better to make an appointment on a spare day when you have not much to do. These are the following steps that are usually done at salons.

Step 1- The first step starts with shampooing to eliminate all the debris and dust accumulated in your hair. It is always better to start any treatment with a clean lock of hair. A conditioner does not follow the shampoo because your hair will already get a lot of conditioning by adding keratin later on. 

Step 2- The second step is blow-drying to remove moisture from the hair. The hair is dried but not completely, only up to 70-80%. 

Step 3- Then, a layer of keratin formula is applied over your semi-wet sections of hair. It is left to rest for 30 minutes to let it saturate on every strand of hair with a hair cover on top. 

Step 4- Another round of blow-drying is done to your hair. This step is optional and can vary from person to person. It is done to activate heat on hair. 

Step 5- The last step is flat-ironing. This is the most important step in a keratin treatment. Ironing is done meticulously on each strand 5-7 times to lock the keratin solution.

All these steps are done at the salon to give you the desired result. You can even try it on your own with the help of a keratin hair treatment kit at home. 

Post Treatment Care

After you are done with the treatment, your hair will look ridiculously poker straight. But it only stays till 48 hours. Within these 48 hours, you are not supposed to tie yours in a ponytail or a bun. You are even advised not to put your hair behind your ears as this can create slight waves in your freshly smoothened hair. 

You will be advised to spend on a good sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair. Some salons will provide shampoo and conditioners with their package. You will also be asked to refrain from applying DIY home care hair packs. All these post-treatment cares are necessary so that your artificial keratin's life doesn't get shortened. 

What is the Total Cost Incurred in the Treatment? 

The price of the treatment will depend on your hair length and texture. Longer and waiver the hair, the higher the price. Generally, it ranges from $250- $500. It also depends on the city where you live and the kind of salon that you go to. Some salons include shampoo, conditioners, and serums in their package, which increases the overall price. You can go for a package that does not include the products. The price is justified according to the result it gives. 


Keratin Treatment is now widely preferred among females over the globe. You can go for it if you have dry and damaged hair. It will yield perfect results. But if you already have straight and limp hair, you should avoid it. As you will not see much of a difference and your hair will also look thinner. Pregnant women are also advised to avoid it as the formaldehyde in the keratin solution can lead to allergies in some people.

Otherwise, having a keratin smoothing treatment kit at home or visiting a salon is a perfect solution to rejuvenate dull hairs for all ages.

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