Discover the Latest Hairstyles for Trendy Men

hairstyle for men

If you believe trendy hairstyles are meant just for ladies, you’re definitely mistaken as even men possess a liking for trendy hairstyles. Long gone are those days when men just used to have a simpler hairstyle, no advanced fashion, and no charisma. Just some plain and boring hairstyles.

Now the time is different. Men have a unique style and the idea of being well-groomed is climbing new heights. These days, men hairstyles are blooming and becoming more popular. For even men having short haircuts realize that they have their freedom in choosing whichever trend they want to follow. They can experiment with their haircuts, get some crazy hairstyles, and be a significant part of fashion.

So, let's check out some classy and trendy hairstyles for men that you cannot resist-

Natural Medium Length Waves

Men generally don't pay much heed to their haircuts. But if you own a classic and fashionable medium length hair cut, you must try getting longer hair on the top and shorter hair right down. And if not your style, you can avoid cutting your hair all the way down to your skin. You can leave a little on the sides and the back of your head. This hairstyle gives a wave to your hair and this looks really gorgeous on men, making them 100% extra handsome.

Spiky Low Fade Hairstyle

Medium length hair is effortless and easy to style. You can go for trendy haircut that is not longer than some inches. Also, spikes are a forever trend for smart men. Style your hair dry for a better look, and then go for some pomade to use them on the top and pull hair straight up that'll create a parting in your spikes. You can always use your hair spray in the end.

Grown Out Layers

You know you can't deny that grown out layers are cordial and chivalrous. If you possess such shiny hair, do not cut them short. Instead, try growing them. They give you the best results when you blow dry them after a cool wash. One of the best hairstyles for men, this works better when you do a flip with your brush. This hairstyle is enough to woo anyone who comes up front.

Side-Shaved Comb Over

If you think you can balance the length of your hair, then behold your breath as a side-shaved comb over hairstyle is your final destination of a trendy hairstyle. It basically suits brawny and masculine men better, showing their class in a different but exotic way.

Short Ponytail with Beard

Let's get real. Who doesn't like Jason Momoa and particularly his short ponytail hairstyle? Enough to mesmerize anyone with just a mere glimpse, this trendy hairstyle for men can make anyone go super crazy. There is no denying that a short ponytail is one hell of a suave look and this beard adds cherries on a cupcake.

Medium Top Short Sides Hairstyle

One of the best example of a male hairstyle that works best with the natural hair texture is having a medium top short sides hairstyle. You need nothing to do here, just comb a little upwards, and you're done. Further, you can add some mousse or some cream made for men's hair and curl your hair to your strands where you feel they are still wet. After that, your hair will get more diversions and exposition as they dry. What could ever be more classic than this?

Medium Hair with Light Wispy Waves

This classy hairstyle is a wonderful signature style statement of our very own Matthew McConaughey. Do you also possess naturally wavy hair? With just a little bit right medium haircut, you can get a stunning and smooth hairstyle. Furthermore, you can add mousses and creams to make your hairstyle master the striking wispy texture. Such hairstyles are enough to charm women, you don't even need to try.


We often believe hairstyles are not meant for men and well, let’s admit that women may spend thousands of bucks to look amazing and men need just a little bit of combing and they can give bigger stylists a run for their money. These trendy hairstyles for men are fashionable, mesmerizing, but classy, and every man must once in his lifetime try some basic hairstyles experiment to look good.

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