Dandruff on your Beard? Follow This Care Plan

beard dandruff

I look at myself in front of the mirror and there it is, white flakes peeking out from my beard, bad news for bearded men, I have dandruff on my beard!!

But why does dandruff appear in the beard?

There are several reasons why dandruff appears in the beard, among the most common we have:

The cold: In these cold months, the appearance of a layer on the beard is common since it has a vasoconstrictor effect, which makes the skin dry so that less hydration is obtained.

Fungus: We all produce a yeast, which lives in the superficial layers of the dermis, which if it grows too fast, leads to an increase in the amount of free fatty acids in the beard.

These have a strong irritant capacity, which can cause the stimulation of mitosis in the cells of the basal layer, in addition to being one of the possible causes that originate the intense itching of the beard, which occurs in these circumstances, producing an excess removal of the skin, which transforms into the shedding of flakes or flakes of dead skin.

Use of shampoo for the head: Other causes of the appearance of beard dandruff are the use of shampoos for the scalp (head), in the beard, traditional shampoos tend to be more aggressive, causing an alteration in our facial dermis.

Stress, food, and rest: It has been proven in numerous studies that stress produces an alteration in our glands, influencing the appearance of dandruff in the beard. In addition to stress, a poor diet, a lack of some vitamins or an inappropriate rest can cause dandruff in the beard, as well as problems of hair loss or weakness in it.

How to remove dandruff in the beard?

First, we have to be patient with this process and remember that it will take about 3 weeks or a month to see the results clearly, we must rebalance our dermis so that the reproduction and elimination of dead skin are correct.

Proper exfoliation and hydration will be ideal in your new routine, so you can forget about dandruff in your beard.

Beard shampoo: One of the first steps we must do is to acquire a specific soap or shampoo for the beard, which will be gentler for the beard, avoiding the aggressiveness of those specific for the hair.

Remember to wash the beard well, let the shampoo penetrate to our skin, letting it act for a couple of minutes, and then more important is even rinsing our beard, this must be thorough, never leaving soapy residues on our beard, these can cause the appearance of itching and increase the appearance of dandruff in the beard.

We advise you to wash your beard 2 or 3 times a week, without overusing the shampoo in these first months.

Exfoliate the beard: Another important point to eliminate dandruff in the beard is a good exfoliation, we advise that before washing your beard, proceed to brush it, this step will help you eliminate the skin and dead hair, leaving a more moldable beard before washing.

Beard oil: The hydration of the beard is essential for this, the idea is to use specific oils for the beard, some men sometimes use moisturizers for this, not applying well throughout the beard, as well as leaving remains that can cause more damage than Benefits

Beard oils are composed of essential oils which have both moisturizing and restorative properties, helping to strengthen the beard.

To correctly apply the oil, you should start with two or three drops and spread from the tips of the beard to the skin, especially in the back areas of the beard, which is where the greatest appearance of dryness and dandruff occurs.

Follow these tips and in a few weeks you will say goodbye to the annoying itching and uncomfortable dandruff in the beard, we like perfect and well-cared beards!

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