Formulating a Winning Email Marketing Strategy in 2023: A Mini Guide

Formulating a Winning Email Marketing Strategy in 2023: A Mini Guide

Despite the mushrooming of social media platforms and marketing channels, email continues to be #1 among all marketers and users alike. Almost all brands are investing in email marketing strategies to drive conversions for their business. Eventually, it leads to intense competition and struggling for the subscriber’s attention. In 2023, the number of emails sent and received will touch the astronomical figure of 347.3 billion. So, you can imagine the level of competition in the subscriber’s inbox. 

How will you combat this competitive bottleneck and emerge as a winner with an effective email marketing strategy? 
Here are some tips that will help you generate maximum email conversions in 2023. 

  • Employ Artificial Intelligence to create more compelling emails

AI is no longer just a buzzword. Marketers are using AI to draft engaging and hyper-personalized email copy to woo their customers. It uses the principles of Natural Language Processing to detect the emotional tone embedded in every email. As a result, you can ensure intelligent email automation that brings better results. Tools like Phrasee help in crafting AI-generated subject lines, translating to better open rates.

  • Adopt customer data platforms to ensure high-converting emails

Cross-channel customer data plays an important role in building more effective email and digital marketing programs. It is daunting to utilize this data to its maximum potential as the data is spread across different databases that are totally out of sync. 
The solution to this problem is to take the help of customer data platforms. It will enable aggregating all customer data in a single repository. As a result, you will be able to control access to the data better and mobilize it for usage across different channels. In turn, it will lead to hyper-personalization and smarter automation with better segmentation. 

  • Employ Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) will go from a nice-to-have element to a must-have in 2023. It is a technology that helps display the logo beside the sender's name. It helps in building the subscriber’s trust and instantly connects with them. Your recipients are more likely to open these emails, which ultimately enhances the sender's reputation and email deliverability rate. 
Although you need 6 time-intensive steps and heavy investment to implement BIMI, it is worth all the effort. And the best part is that most mailbox providers are considering supporting BIMI in 2023 and the coming days.

  • Send out interactive emails to increase the subscriber engagement

Interactive emails have functional elements that encourage the readers to engage with the content by tapping, swiping, or hovering over the different visual elements in the email. As these elements allow the users to actively participate in the email, it results in a higher engagement rate and conversions. 
Using this feature in Holiday emails helps stand out and cut through the noise in the inbox. It will also make the emails visually appealing and impart a pleasant user experience. With the help of interactive emails, you can allow the users to take action from the email itself. As it eliminates the need to go to the landing page, it reduces friction and increases the conversion rate. 

  •  Try out modular email templates

Modular email templates consist of editable blocks you can rearrange according to your preferences. You can add or remove different content or image blocks based on the type of email you wish to send. As these email templates are reusable, they eliminate the need to design or code emails from scratch. It reduces the email template production time and helps in the timely deployment of the campaigns. 
Modular email templates are like a boon during the Holiday season when you are facing a resource crunch and have to churn out several campaigns at a time. 

  • Take an omnichannel marketing approach

Rather than investing in individual marketing channels, go for an omnichannel approach. It will allow you to maintain a consistent voice throughout the platforms. Also, it will enhance the reach of your communications. 
Even if a customer misses out on reading your email, they can still find the same information on your Facebook or Instagram page. That’s what omnichannel marketing is all about. Besides email and social media, pay attention to your sms marketing and push notifications too.   

  • Strike the right balance between educational and promotional emails

Don’t just send marketing emails highlighting your discount offers. In addition to promotional newsletters, you must send informative emails too. Educate the subscribers about the usage of your products and services. Create awareness of how you can make lives easier for them.

  • Invest in A/B testing to optimize your email campaigns

With A/B testing or split testing, you can test different variables in your email campaigns and determine what resonates the most with your subscribers. You can take help from all the resources on A/B testing that are available online. ESPs like Mailchimp offer the feature of multivariate testing, too, so that you can test more than two versions at a time. 

  • Localize your email content to ensure better reach

Most brands cater to users across the world. So, they must localize the email content and adapt it to the languages and cultural beliefs of the recipients. It goes beyond simple translation of the emails and incorporates the regional nuances specific to the different geographies. As a result, the emails become more relevant for the readers and get you conversions. 

  • Pay attention to the visuals and aesthetics

Businesses are leaving no stone unturned to win over their customers, and an effective way to do so is by using the right visuals. Use animations, 3D images, illustrations, and emotional design to promote your product and facilitate better communication. You can also use videos to further enhance the visual appeal of your emails. 

Wrapping Up

If you want your email marketing to bring unmatched results, you should develop innovative ideas that bring freshness to the subscriber’s inbox. Apply these ideas in your future emails, and you will surely notice significant results. Since email is not owned by anyone, you have a huge playground to explore and bring your own creativity to it. 

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