Factors You Should Know About Child Support

Child Support

Child support is a technical area. It gives chills when we think a judge will be ruling on how much child support we own who knows nothing about the children. Despite that, the system of today is based on how the judge interprets the financial information that he receives from the parents and the lawyers. This is why the system cannot be classified as a perfect one.

Irrespective of the system’s nature and procedure, there are few things that everyone must know about child support. Here are some of the important aspects about this issue are listed:

Child Support Amount Is Determined By Mathematics

Child support laws were revised in 2007 and a whole new mathematical formula was created in order to determine child support. Child support calculators can be used on the Internet to find the amount. Here are a few aspects that are taken into the account:

  • The number of children,
  • Gross monthly income,
  • Ex’s gross monthly income,
  • Parenting time available on yearly basis,

There is a misconception that the amount of child support is totally dependent on luck. Rather, proper documentation, hard work, and mathematics play an important role in the amount that will be received.

Form Of Child Support

Usually, people only know about one form of child support. Actually, there are three forms. The first one is termed as ‘basic child support’. This is the amount stated by the calculator. Additional two forms are not present in all the cases. These are medical insurance support for children and childcare support. This is where the calculator enables to enter the amounts spent on a monthly basis under these categories and also who accounts for them. This will have a direct impact on the amount of child support received by the party.

There May Be An Intervention By County’s Attorney

County’s attorney may intervene in the case if a parent or the child seeks for public assistance. They can even involve themselves if the party enters into a contract with the County. County Attorney then shows up at the hearing and they usually have knowledge about each and every aspect of the case. Even though it may seem that they are representing the parent, it is not true. In reality, they are representatives of the state and work in their interests. Nevertheless, parents must seek legal advice before heading towards the court.

The Court Does Not Allow To Waive Child Support

There are many cases where the ex-couple tends to agree that they don’t have to pay for the child support. The judge or magistrate will most likely reject the request. In most cases, it is not allowed to waive the payment of child support even if both the parties agree on it. The basic rationale behind this is that the money is viewed as a child’s right and not the parents. It is intended to benefit the child and not the parents. Waiving child supports mean that infringing their rights and the courts definitely don’t want to do that.

The Case Can Be Tried At First Child Support Hearing

If the child support case is heard before a magistrate rather than a judge then be prepared to try the case at first hearing only. Such hearings are not that formal compared to cases tried before a judge. However, parties are required to provide evidence and go through all the formal procedures of a court. These cases do not last long though.

Even though this is not an exhaustive list, there were some of the most important things that parties seeking for child support must know in detail.

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