Benefits of Painting by Numbers for Kids

Painting by Numbers

All parents want to develop their children in all possible ways. They teach them values, they take care of their healthy diet, and they teach them how to behave, and so on. What is the best way to develop your kid’s brain? Well, there are more ways to do it, but the best ones are sports and crafts. When we talk about crafting, we mean all sorts of creative activities like drawing, painting, coloring, or creating funny stuff like decorations and other things. 

Especially painting can be difficult to start with. You know, when you sit in front of a blank sheet of paper, what to do first? How to catch the attention of your kid? A great way to overcome this is using a Paint by numbers kit. The kit usually comprises of the following things:

  • Painting canvas, mostly a linen one. This is printed with the given picture and single areas are marked with numbers. 
  • Another part of the kit is a paint set, each paint numbered so that you can pair it with numbers on the canvas.
  • Set of brushes of different thickness. These help you painting larger or smaller and thinner areas.
  • Reference image – this one guides you to how the result will look like. Or better said should look like. 

When you start with this you and your child will feel like real artists. Be careful as there can paint everywhere, depending on your child’s age. Painting by numbers can be started by kids as young as 3 years old, in case they’re already skilled at drawing and coloring. So how do you start painting by numbers? The process is simple. At first, you’ll need to get your kit. You can get one on Amazon or Etsy or in a large mall. What I recommend is that you don’t just get a random kit with a picture that you like, but you get one with a picture that will be simple to paint and your child is going to like. Try getting one of these Paint by numbers for kids here. What kids love is mostly animals and cartoon characters. What you can also consider is that whether you want to get your kit with or excluding the frame. Suppliers offer both variants and some of them even sell framed canvas. The disadvantage is that you can get a custom frame at your local store and you select your design there.

After you get your kit you are ready to start. The process is not that complicated:

  1. Stretch your canvas on the table. Most of the suppliers roll the sold canvases, but they can always have some dents. 
  2. Lay your paint pots in front of you
  3. Get a glass of clean water for cleaning your brushes
  4. Get a piece of clean cloth to wipe your brushes dry
  5. Start painting with lighter paints like white, yellow, light blue, light green, etc.
  6. Follow your painting route slowly, let your child concentrate, and don’t hurry too much. The important thing is not to hurry but to enjoy the process
  7. Enjoy the result – your child has become an artist
  8. Hang the picture on your wall – make your kid proud of their achievement

Apart from having your child’s artwork, there are more benefits. That’s why painting by numbers is so popular among kids:

  • Time spent together. Today parents have seldom time for their kids and painting is one of the activities that you can do together. Kids will love you for this.
  • Enhances concentration. You know how disorganized children are today. They can’t fully concentrate even for few minutes. Doing activities like this improve their concentration skills dramatically
  • Fine motor skills improvement. Kids need to work on this and having the brush in the hand moving slowly and patiently contributes to a huge improvement of fine motor skills. Kids that paint show much better results when tested for these skills.
  • Learning to paint. As we mentioned before, painting isn’t easy. Painting by numbers is not cheating, it’s guidance toward the better painting on your own.
  • Color sensing. This is also something your kids need. They will learn to recognize small color differences and how to work with them. These skills are very important and very rare today.

To sum up, painting is a great way to develop your child. It’s also a great way ow to spend time together. Why don’t you just start painting by numbers today? What will be your first masterpiece?

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