7 Reasons Why Kids Should Get a Balance Bike


Riding a balance bike is excellent exercise training. Children can start doing this as early as 18 months. And it will bring them many benefits. Here are our top seven:

Your children will have fun with the balance bike and will effortlessly cover longer distances. Without realizing it, they learn to keep their balance, to orientate themselves in space, to strengthen the muscles, and develop gross motor skills. All of this in a playful way and without you having to coax them. 

Children learn to keep their balance effortlessly

With the balance bike, most children learn intuitively and without any explanation to keep their balance. Children can learn the basics of steering, steering in bends, and assessing distances at the age of one and a half years. Switching to cycling will be a breeze afterward. 

The balance bike was originally developed to make it easier for young children to cycle without training wheels. It has been found that training wheels are more likely to harm the children in developing their balance.

You will become physically fitter and mentally more resilient

The ride on a toddler trike or balance bike, later on, the bike, is a great form of exercise that playfully promotes physical fitness. This type of training is also the easiest to incorporate into the daily program - children can strengthen their muscles on the way to school, to the playground, to the shop, or the like. While driving, the blood flow to the muscles is increased, the bones strengthened, the general physical endurance of children is improved and their psychological resistance is strengthened. 

They increase their immunity to disease

Regular exercise strengthens the immune system. It is known that children and adults with the good physical condition are less prone to disease. The children also benefit from health benefits later in adulthood. 

You get smarter

Before the age of digital technology, kids got on their bikes after school and rode out with their friends. Today you run your finger across the display. But exercise outside is an excellent activity that encourages children's development in every way. 

The children learn to build relationships and they develop motor skills that are closely related to brain development. The psychiatrist Manfred Spitzer claims that one-third of the development of the brain is linked to sensorimotor functions. Smartphones and tablets, on the other hand, would contribute to dumbing down society and slowing the development of the child's brain. Supported physical training, on the other hand, would ideally support this development.  

You will become familiar with the traffic rules

They naturally learn the rules of safe road traffic, which are one of the key qualifications, even before they go to school. With the balance bike, children learn to walk faster, to orientate themselves better in their surroundings, and at the same time to become more mindful of them. It will keep them safe even when they are not at home ... and that is priceless.

The quality of life is increased

Exercise in the fresh air depresses the stress level, clears your head, improves your mood, and stabilizes emotions. The children get tired but happy. If this path to harmonization is trained in childhood, people will be able to cope better with the challenges of life later on.

You will become leaner

According to experts, the decline in physical activity among children is alarming. Up to 80 percent of Czech children are overweight and obese. An overweight child will have more difficulty moving and will therefore avoid them. This creates a vicious circle that is difficult to break out of.

But if you introduce your child to exercise at an early age, they will likely spend their free time exercising as they grow up.

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