8 Great Games to Educate Your Kids

kids learning games

Playing is the best way to learn. The game is a tool for children to repeat and internalize concepts in a fun way, so we propose 8 entertaining ways to learn something new. Some ideas for working with early childhood education.

1. Cosmic

It is multiplayer and is designed for the first levels of Primary, it deals with basic computer concepts, as well as the programming language: all this is studied with the help of a simple guide so that students can check all the information necessary to play. The plot revolves around rockets that must travel through space: the first to complete their mission will be the winner.

2. The coding challenge

Among different coding toys for kids, this is recommended for people over 6 years old, it proposes a race: players will choose a token and must follow a route through cards and activities that reproduce the basic programming rules to avoid obstacles. The first to reach the goal will be the winner. 

3. C-jump

Recommended for students from 11 years old, it is based on the principles of skiing: players will fight to get their 'jumper' (their character) to reach the finish line first. To do this, they will have to perform relatively simple calculations that will determine the skier's progress. The game includes some basic programming structures such as the 'if', the 'else', or the 'switch'. This is one of the best kids’ activities for home.

4. Robot wars

It is inspired by the war games of a lifetime: use a conflict zone in which players have to face each other to defeat their opponent's robots and reach the central grid of the board first. To eliminate them, they have to use sequential logic when executing different codes that gradually increase in difficulty. They are represented as cards on which instructions for moving the robots are described. It is intended for students aged 8 and over.

5. On the brink

The protagonist of this board game is a robot that the player must guide to overcome challenges represented with colored paths. Those tones are the necessary movements and they will be chosen by the player, who will have to think to choose the correct sequence. The level of difficulty increases progressively and can be used by students from 7 years old.

6. Robbery Rally

In addition to teaching programming, this proposal is very interesting to work on logic and individual thinking. Its base is similar to the rest: a robot must be moved along a board making movements that the player will have to program. However, it presents several added difficulties: the design of the board includes elements that can modify the behavior of the character and, besides, being a game for two or more players, it will also be necessary to anticipate the departure of the rest of the participants.

7. Code & Go

This game, ideal for Primary, consists of creating a maze for the mouse Colby to find his piece of cheese. How? First, you have to build the land on which the activity will take place: creating the base, placing walls and tunnels, and placing the cheese at the end of the route. Then you need to think about how Colby will get from the starting point to his destination. Each participant has different basic direction cards: forward, backward, left and right turns, and an action card. With them, you must create the pattern of behavior that makes the mouse reach the cheese, and, for this, it will be essential to use logic. Once you have selected the cards to use and place them in the proper order, you can program the mouse by pressing the direction buttons on the top. Will the mouse come for the cheese?

8. Bits & Bytes

Four 'programs' have been left off your planet, ruled by the evil CPU, and they need to return. Under this premise begins this board game that teaches computational thinking. It is made up of the pieces of the main characters, a maximum of four, and other pieces that can be walls, be blank, or be the villains that you must avoid. To begin, the planet is created in the center of the board; around the rest of the tiles are arranged face down in a random way and, in the corners, the heroes are placed. With the help of the command cards, they must tell their 'program' what to do to reach the goal without encountering the CPU or any of his minions, who will make them back down.

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