4 Tips to Help with Tilt on League of Legends

4 Tips to Help with Tilt on League of Legends

Tilt is a term that first materialized from poker players which described players which would bemoan their luck after a losing streak. This frustration would lead to them playing in a less than optimal manner (usually more aggressively) in order to change their luck.

This term is now used in online gaming and specifically in team games such as League of Legends. It is essentially players who have endured losing streaks who then do not play at their very best and instead make matters worse.

So how can you help to combat going on tilt when playing League of Legends? Below you will find a few tips that we have put together.

Treat it as a Learning Process

We all know frustrating it can be to lose a number of battles in a row where it seems no matter how well you play, the gods are seemingly against you. However, instead of quitting in rage or blaming the other players on your team, a good idea would be to look back at the battle to look at why you lost and whether there was an area that you personally could have done better at. Also, take some time to take any positives out of the battle to put you in a better frame of mind.

Take a Break

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when a losing streak occurs. We start playing without emotions instead of our head and go chasing that elusive victory by making plays that were probably too risky. This just results in another defeat on most occasions and just adds to the irritation and frustration you were already feeling.

Try taking a break from the game by getting up and going for a walk or playing another game for the time being. Let that frustration calm down before returning. You will be surprised how much a break can be beneficial in these circumstances.

Use pro service to help you

There are plenty of pro elo boost services out there that can help you get out of the lower divisions of the game. There is nothing more frustrating than learning to play the game only for other bad players to ruin your game. This is why elo boosting services can really help you improve your game by playing with better players.

Ignore any Toxic Players on Your Team

Tilt affects all players at some point and there will no doubt be one player in each battle that has not had a good run. They may decide to get aggressive or rude with you or other teammates in the battle and this is not constructive and will not help your team to victory.

When you meet a player like this, sometimes it is just better to block their messages so that you and the rest of the team can focus on what they are doing without the distraction.

Refrain From Blaming Others

Following on from the above tip is another which is when you become one of those players hurling blame at others. When we lose the easiest thing to do is blame others because well, we never make mistakes do we? This is not true and while other players might not have played a great game, this does not mean that you could not have done better yourself at certain points in the battle.

Besides that, blaming others is not constructive and will not show you in a good light. If a player is obviously a little out of his depth and really did not play well, instead of being abusive or playing the blame game, speak to him afterwards to offer some friendly advice so that next time he might not make the same mistakes.

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