Elena” fillet – the Finest Pleasure for Selected Gastronomes

Elena” fillet – the Finest Pleasure for Selected Gastronomes

Some appetizers don't need a presentation and even more, they advertise themselves alone. One of these culinary achievements is the "Elena" fillet. No one can resist the pure delicacy covered with aromatic spices that trigger everybody's appetite.

This delicious taste could be dried not only by the intervention of the air at Elena's mountain climate. Some of the producers change the technology and dry the meat in an artificial way but following the ancient Bulgarian manners of making meat appetizers.

The modern consumers should only be happy with the fact that there are still companies that use meat of highest quality simultaneously with the best spices and herbs because this way we get throwbacks of the grandma's repast. Even better is that with our fast daily routine we don't get the issue of wondering where to find top quality goods. A wide variety of commodities could be found on the internet – just one click away from the comfy kitchen. There you could order not only "Elena" fillet but also specially selected "lukanka" meat and many other beloved specialties earned their reputation through the decades.

Similar to the other raw dried delicacies the “Elena” fillet refers to the same technology of making. The most significant part of the process is the choice of fresh and clean undercut meat. The rest depends on the right mixture of herbs and spices which defines the distinctive taste of the fillet. According to the time of drying, the meat could become softer or harder. The longer you dry it, the harder the composition gets. It all depends on the preference of the individual.

During the past few years, only the soudjuk (flat sausage) from Gorna Oryahovitza was having a status of a protected product and was holding a patent for both its name and the name of the region of origin. Recently the lukanka (also flat sausage) from Panagyurishte and the "Elena" fillet got the same status in the limits of the European Union, too. They are protected as traditional specialties with an indicated origin and geographical characteristics. They proudly took a place in the list with 1200 protected products from all of the EU member countries.

Our grandparents claim that the best time to give the start of the drying meats tradition is exactly the cold winter period. That is because during the winter months the temperature provides the best conditions for storing and drying the meat. The methods of the "Elena" fillet preparation are very similar to those of the pastarma. Actually, in some regions, these are two different names for the same product.

Another specific thing is that the consumption of this specialty requires the presence of some wine during the meal. No one can imagine a table full of these delicacies and the absence of filled with a top-quality wine decanter, at the same time. This process of "heating" the blood flow is typical for the cold weather times.

The modern consumer could happily enjoy the “Elena” fillet any time of the year due to the lack of production restrictions because of the proper facility characteristics and features, representing the weather conditions.

On the other hand, they are independent of the wine consumption too, because in the modern world the manufacturers could supply us with high-quality wine during the whole year. Only the individual taste and wishes of the client define his choice. Just imagine the scene of a cozy fireplace, heated wine, and the right company – this is the guaranteed recipe for great evenings and unforgettable memories and to be honest, it really doesn't matter where the appetizer comes from if it is top quality.

From the good meat, our organism will receive important amino acids and healthy fat, while the warm beverage will get the role of a natural antibiotic so it would protect us from colds and viruses during the frosty months. Here are some great reasons for us not to give up on the small gestures and even more – cherish the benefits they provide for our healthier organism and stronger immunity system.

Of course, said that way, the facts lead our mind to memories about the warm family Christmas nights. However, the time of the year doesn't matter. If you get the need to spare some special moments by yourself, you could comfortably grab a bottle of beer, for example, slice some thin pieces of meat appetizer and just chill.

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