Does Your Business Need a Fleet Management Company?


If you own a small or medium-sized business, you might already be aware of many issues and troubles that come with managing your car fleet. It takes time and money to acquire, maintain, manage, and resell your fleet to be used more efficiently. 

This is where a fleet management company can help your business. By taking care of all of this and more, a fleet management company can take the burden of these worries off your shoulders and enable you to focus on other, more crucial aspects of running a business. Here is why you should consider hiring a fleet management company: 

Lower vehicle acquisition costs 

When selecting a car or a vehicle that suits your business needs, the initial price is just one of the factors worth considering. Taking into consideration the end-of-life value is essential when purchasing a new vehicle. This has an enormous influence on the vehicle’s total cost of ownership and is an important item to consider when calculating your total fleet costs.

Fleet managing companies have a lot of experience in this field, so they can help you with choosing the right vehicle for your needs while also providing the highest return.

On top of that, many fleet managers have special deals with certain brands or dealerships. Thanks to these deals, they can get you a much lower price than the one available to the common public. Sometimes, they are also privy to the insider knowledge related to issues some vehicles might have that have not yet been made public, and they can share these secrets with you. 

Save time and money while becoming more efficient

A fleet management system makes it easy for you to know where your vehicles are at any given time. That way, you can always send the closest possible vehicle to the destination, thus saving both time and money. Fleet management companies even offer integrated navigational tools or apps that allow you to send the exact coordinates to the driver. 

You can use the same tool to define the daily tasks for every driver in your fleet while simultaneously determining the fastest and the most cost-effective route they should take. 

When it comes to fuel, you can use a single fleet card that’s accepted at most fuel and maintenance facilities. This makes drivers more efficient since they don’t have to waste time driving around looking for a particular gas station brand.

This means less administrative hassle for you as well, as you will no longer need to collect, record, and reconcile fuel and maintenance receipts.

Improved safety and drivers supervision 

A fleet management company makes it possible for you to keep track of driving behavior such as speeding, hard braking, and acceleration, idling, and more with advanced onboard computing and online information and tracking portal.

You can use this technology to see where and when drivers engage in risky driving behavior to increase safety awareness and personal responsibility amongst drivers by assessing driver performance. 

Finally, you can use all the data you have gathered to provide training and reward and incentive programs to your driving crew. Training helps your employees see that they are valuable to your company and increases their job satisfaction as well.

Greater brand awareness and customer retention 

Company vehicles don’t just need to work well. They should also look professional so that they accurately represent your company’s brand. These days, maintaining your brand is more important than ever, and a fleet management company can help you achieve that goal. 

Besides branding, customer satisfaction and retention is another critical factor in maintaining your reputation. You can use the tools mentioned above to provide them with an accurate arrival time of their orders or enable them to track the vehicles in real-time. Thus, your customers will always be familiar with where their shipment is and how long it will take for it to get to them. The sense of control this option brings means greater customer satisfaction and retention. 

Less trouble with replacing your vehicles

The time will come when you will have to sell your current fleet and replace it with a fresh set of vehicles. Doing it on your own can be stressful, time-consuming, and troublesome.

The first benefit worth mentioning is the fact that your cars are guaranteed to be in great shape even once they no longer suit your needs, thanks to the regular maintenance and record-keeping that comes along with hiring a fleet management company. Any potential buyer will know to appreciate those details.

Secondly, when you choose to resell your fleet vehicles, having an expert with industry connections and years of experience will earn a higher resale price at auction and a faster turnaround. This directly lowers your total fleet costs and saves you money, which you can use to upgrade your fleet by investing in new vehicles.

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